Thomson Is Now TUI – What Does the Re-Brand Mean?

If you haven’t heard the Thomson news yet, where have you been? Well, the big reveal is here – Thomson has changed to TUI. That’s right, the UK’s leading holiday company has finally ditched its well-known name in an attempt to become one single global brand.

So for those left feeling a little confused, we’ve answered all your TUI-related questions to clear things up.

What does this mean for Thomson?

Thomson will be phased out altogether, so you’ll no longer see the Thomson name splatted across shop windows, aircrafts and websites. Instead, they’ll operate under one name – TUI.

But there’s no need to worry, you’ll still be able to identify the brand from its famed smile and recognisable blue. Plus, nothing will change in terms of values, customers will still receive the same outstanding service.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for summer steals or winter bargains, TUI will offer all the same deals, but with more choice.

What will the change mean?

Once the change has been made you can expect more choice through things like handpicked hotels, multi-centres, city breaks and flexibility when it comes to flights. And with 64 aircraft, customers will be able to fly to more destinations than ever before.

TUI will also make sure their customers receive a much more personal service, and by that we mean every inch of your holiday will be taken care of from the booking process to your onboard experience and help in-resort.

Tailor-made experiences will be another one of their focuses. This will offer custom-made holidays based on your individual preferences. So, customers will have more choice whether you’re after private transfers, tours or odd durations.

Why is it changing?

The changes have come about as an attempt to compete with other global brands, and by trading under one name, they hope to attract more customers and gain international recognition.

What’s more, TUI already has 30 million customers, as well as more than 300 hotels, 136 planes and 1,800 shops across Europe, pretty impressive, right?

What will happen to the famous Thomson brands?

If you’re wondering what will happen to core Thomson hotel brands – don’t worry, you’ll still get to enjoy all the same products. This means the same fantastic deals on much-loved collections like TUI Sensatori, TUI Sensimar, TUI Family Life and so on.

And did we mention there’s a new addition this year? Yes, if you haven’t heard, with TUI comes TUI Blue, a group of hotels which combines traditional architecture with state-of-the-art technology and a unique Bluefit concept. Bluefit is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition, and is perfect for anyone who likes to eat well and stay active on holiday.

Introducing Marella Cruises

For those of you who have been speculating about what will happen with the cruise line, Thomson Cruises will also operate under a different name. Marella Cruises – meaning ‘shining sea’ in Celtic – is the name that will be given to the cruise line.

Despite the fleet already making some changes with the introduction of their newest All Inclusive ships Discovery and Discovery 2, Marella Cruises will offer everything Thomson Cruises offered, but with some exciting improvements.

Fear not avid cruisers, you’ll still get to enjoy all the same ports, ships, itineraries, and most importantly, thrown-in tips and service charges like before.

So to ramp up the excitement, here’s a few of the things you can look forward to –

The ship names will be –

  • Marella Discovery
  • Marella Discovery 2
  • Marella Explorer
  • Marella Celebration
  • Marella Dream
  • Spirit
  • Majesty

Expect 22 new itineraries and 20 new ports of call including Singapore, Cambodia, Goa, Bangkok and Vietnam, to go on sale in October. Also, Marella Explorer and Marella Celebration will be based in Barbados for the first time ever during winter 2018.

Marella Explorer will be the ship’s new vessel, and will replace Spirit by October 2018, while Majesty will keep its name until it’s replaced by a brand new ship – this vessel hasn’t been named yet.

For more information, visit our TUI page.