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The Most Popular Spring Break Resorts For 2016

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Every holiday destination has its charm, its own unique qualities that make it stand out, whether it’s the culture, the history, the food or a combination of all three. March is the month of Spring Break and the greatest spots have all these things, yet undergo a complete transformation after dark. They become a little louder and maybe even a little naughtier than the rest.

After being subjected to the winter weather, can one really be blamed for dreaming of balmy days spent by a pool with a cocktail and evenings partying with your mates? And with spring just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to think about where to spend it. So we’ve found the most popular Spring Break resorts for 2016.


Young people drinking

Miami Beach, Florida

There’s something undeniably awesome about partying at the beach. Whether it’s a moonlight beach party or a rowdy session at one of the many clubs, party lovers are bound to love this location.Travel to Miami, where nightlife is extensive and varied, offering entertainment such as hot nightclubs with live bands or DJs and club parties.

San Diego, California

Sun, sand and surfing – the perfect mix for a laid-back and relaxing getaway. Throw in a few cosmopolitans and dance clubs and San Diego is hard to beat. The mild temperatures and long boardwalk provide a welcome relaxing break during the day, but when the sun goes down, San Diego hot spots crank up the nightlife with live music and dancing in the numerous lounges and nightclubs.

Las Vegas, Nevada

This is definitely the destination for Spring Break with pool parties, nightclubs and bars and everything else. Spend the day at a spa before hitting the town, there are loads of them in Las Vegas. We like Eforea: Spa at the Hilton Grand Vacation Club. You can’t walk anywhere here without seeing other 20-somethings just about everywhere. Think big DJs, celebrity hosts and the boundless bars – all are reasons to attract a fun-loving crowd.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Where else in the world can you stroll past an incredible myriad of shops and varied quarters and hit up clubs in an amazing historic setting at the same time? Count New Orleans as one destination that will never get old for both locals and tourists alike, after all, this is the “City That Never Sleeps”. Live music venues, chic cafes, great shopping and world-renowned parties can all be found along Bourbon Street – the list goes on and on.




Many who visit Cancun love it for its perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. Depending on your mood, you can find yourself lounging at a beautiful beach resort or partying at The Inception Music Festival or Coco Bongo. The resort itself offers everything you could ask for, from great cuisine and breathtaking beaches to some awesome parties.

Puerto Vallarta

While Mexico is known for its relaxing and romantic atmosphere, in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, along the stretch of the Malecon, the locals really know how to live it up. Whether you want to drink in a bar or dance amongst hordes of visitors in one of Vallarta’s clubs, you’ll be surprised by how much the resort livens up after the families have turned in. There’s also late-night venues hosting live music, be sure to check out the wonders of Vallarta this Spring Break




If your ideal night out is mingling with celebs, you should be partying in Nassau. At first glance, this city’s nightlife seems like any other – glitzy casinos, wild clubs, foam parties, fancy clothes – but if you look closely, you might spot a few famous faces amongst the crowd. This is what makes the Bahamas scene so desirable… and the inventive cocktails of course!

Dominican Republic

Party By The Beach

Punta Cana

When the party people start piling in the resort really late, you know you’ll be jumping all night long, but, don’t let the late nights – or early mornings – fool you, you’ll still manage plenty of day drinking at the beach. Many of the All Inclusive resorts are actually home to some great clubs and casinos, making it possible to have an amazing stay without leaving your hotel. Stumble back to your room, sleep it off and be ready to hit the beach the next day.

Regardless of where you decide to spend your Spring Break, we’re sure you’ll have a great time. Do you have any recommendations? Did you read this to find out where to go or where to avoid during this time?

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