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All you Need to Know about First Choice SplashWorld

All you Need to Know about First Choice SplashWorld

The summer heat can be stifling and sometimes the only way to properly cool down is to take a dip in some cool water. Any child will tell you their favourite way of accomplishing this is to head to a waterpark and shoot down a zigzagging slide into a wave pool. This might be your favourite way to cool down too.

First Choice’s SplashWorld hotels are an excellent idea if you’re thinking of holidaying in the summer and want to be near a waterpark. These hotels are located all over the world including Greece, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, Menorca, Bulgaria, Tenerife and many more. Wondering what’s the deal with these hotel offers? Here’s everything you need to know about staying in a First Choice SplashWorld hotel.

Waterparks next door to your accommodation

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It’s all about the waterparks when booking at SplashWorld. You’ll find numerous types of hotels, all with different star ratings and accommodation preferences. But the one thing that unites all of these is that they’re near one of world’s best waterparks. You can choose your hotel depending on which park you want to visit, or of course which country you want to holiday in. Some of the waterparks are located right in the grounds of the hotel, giving you the easiest access to the slides. Others are situated nearby and are within walking distance of the park or can be accessed through a shuttle bus.

Free entry to the waterparks

The main benefit of booking a SplashWorld hotel is that you’ll get free entry to any of their connecting waterparks, there’s no need to pay any extra money when you arrive. You’ll also have unlimited use of the park so you can ride the slides as often as you like.

Slides have all been tested and approved

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You know when booking a SplashWorld hotel that all the waterparks and slides have been tried and tested. First Choice even hired an employee, Seb Smith, to visit every park and to ride every single slide so he could adequately rate them for the public. He spent his summer testing out the slides and then blogging and tweeting about them. First Choice only choose the very best of waterparks to be affiliated with their hotels and only those recommended by Seb make the cut.

Splash-o-Meter tells you the age recommendations

If you’re holidaying with very little children you may be wondering which parks and what rides are acceptable for them to go on. SplashWorld takes the pressure off of you by letting you know through their Splash-o-meter what a waterpark’s age stamp is. The categories include Splashers, for children 2-4, Sliders, for children 5-11, and Thrillseekers for the older kids and adults.

Fun for all ages


These waterparks are not just for youngsters anymore. If you’ve got teens or just want a fun holiday with you and your friends, you can visit any of the Thrillseekers’ parks and have a wild time zipping down speedy body slides, kamikazes and crazy river rapids. There’s also side winders and boomerangos, which are like super-sized skate ramps you can slide down in rubber tubes. Both young and old holidaymakers will also enjoy the waterparks’ multi-lane slides, wave pools, lazy rivers and children’s splash zones. Whatever type of fun you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it on a SplashWorld holiday.

Each SplashWorld hotel has their own waterpark affiliated with them, so make sure you check out the parks before you book. Look at the Splash-o-Meter, check out the slides and get the best waterpark holiday for you and your family. There really is no better way to cool down this summer.

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