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Insider Tips – How to Bag a Caribbean Bargain

With warm weather, blue skies and delicious cocktails who wouldn’t want to jet off on a Caribbean holiday? Gracing the cover of luxury magazines and with a list as long as your arm of A-List celebs visiting on a weekly basis helped the Caribbean bag a first place position on most peoples dream destinations list, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth. We have put together a list of insider tips to help you bag a Caribbean bargain.

  1. Let me guess, you begin your search with your regional airports, but have you ever considered branching out and including other airports? Larger airports often have more flights departing, meaning more bums on seats, so more availability. Remember you could always travel to the location you’re flying from the night before. This way you can start your holiday early with an overnight stay in a nearby hotel.
  1. Some Caribbean islands come in relatively cheaper than others, but this doesn’t mean that they’re any less amazing. Each island packs a punch, so if you fancy white sands and crystal clear waters while saving a penny or two, start with the Dominican Republic or Cuba.
  1. Ever fancied a cruise? Cruises are a great way to explore, not one, but multiple Caribbean islands. Or, how about a week’s cruise and stay? This way you can sample the best of both worlds as you spend your first week at sea and your second week on an island. Look out for last-minute bargains as unfilled cabins can be discounted, making it a great way to soak up the Caribbean sunshine.
  1. The Caribbean knows how to party with a social calendar packed with events from music festivals, all-singing all-dancing carnivals and exciting street parties. So, if you’re flexible with your dates try and avoid these main events as they often push the prices up.
  1. Although the temperature variations are relatively slight throughout the year, the rainy season is usually June to November. But the rainfall is often in short spurts, so before you know it the sun is shining, making these lower season months a great time to grab a bargain.
  1. It’s the end of July, schools out and the prices peak. Most families prefer a short-haul flight and choose to holiday in destinations such as Europe. This is the perfect time to head further afield and grab a bargain somewhere exotic.
  1. Did you know that tour operators change seasons from summer to winter during the months of April and October? During this time aircrafts are repositioned, which leads to some odd duration holidays. Make sure you check out 8, 9, 13, 18 and 20-night durations as there are some cracking deals to be had.
  1. Most of the hotels offer All Inclusive Caribbean holidays, including all your meals, snacks and drinks. This is great if you want to budget your spending as your meals and drinks will be taken care off for the duration of your stay. And if you fancy eating out one night, we suggest you find out where the locals dine as it tends to be cheaper. Don’t forget to have a look around the local markets and shops as you never know what bargains you may pick up along the way.

Remember the more flexible you are the greater your chances of finding a cheap deal so leave your options open and always check out airports a little further away from your local departure point. It is also worth noting that before you even start looking at dates and hotels, what you enter in your search engine matters. ‘Carribean holidays’ or ‘Carribbean holidays’ will return different results from ‘Caribbean holidays’. Get the spelling right to make sure you don’t miss out on the best deals.

Fingers to the ready, you’re one click away from the Caribbean.