Insider Interview – Visit Benidorm, Costa Blanca

This week, we sat down with Ed from to discover his top insider tips on visiting the gorgeous seaside town of Benidorm in Costa Blanca, Spain.

Born in Hull, Ed has been travelling since birth – his first journey was to Loch Lomond, Scotland. Following on from years growing up in a travel-obsessed family, he started his professional travel journey in 2007 volunteering in Uganda. Four years later, Rexy Edventures was born.

After quitting his job, he started a round-the-world journey and has since been to one-third of the countries in the world. One popular spot on the list is Spain and its gorgeous Costa Blanca, so Ed has plenty of insider tips to share about his visit to Benidorm.

Read our full interview with Ed below.

So, why Benidorm?

Benidorm gets a reputation as a drinking destination for Brits, but it’s actually so much more. Benidorm is a beautiful, scenic city full of happy-go-lucky Spanish people and plenty of culture and natural sights.


So for a holiday sans partying, which areas are the best for experiencing the local culture?

The biggest hotspots for local culture are…

  1. Aqualandia – I know, I know, it’s a theme park but many locals attend this park to cool down away from the beach and frolic!
  2. Old Town Benidorm – head away from the British touristy hotspots and explore Benidorm Old Town to get a sample of good old fashioned Spanish fare and converse with the locals.
  3. Mendoza’s winery – family-run, this offers a rustic atmosphere while you sample the wine and discuss business in Benidorm.

When they aren’t exploring the old town or sipping wine, what are three things that people should make sure they do during their time in Benidorm?

Tough question to narrow down to three! But I’ve made my decision!

  1. Visit the Terra Mitica Theme Park – an ancient multicultural theme park that combines history with thrill-seeking rides.
  2. Eat as much yummy Spanish food as possible!
  3. Undertake watersports – after all, you’ve got the gorgeous playground that is the Mediterranean!

We love water activities, too! Are there any options that are worth looking out for?

As mentioned, Aqualandia is a fantastic water theme park full of daring water slides, relaxing pools and water obstacle courses. If you’re looking for a more relaxing experience, be the captain of your boat, which you hire from Benidorm Marine and Diving Stones club and sail in Spanish waters. You can even visit Benidorm Island to snorkel the sea bed around it too.


With so many activities on offer, what would you say is one thing holidaymakers absolutely shouldn’t miss the chance to do in Benidorm?

Tourists shouldn’t miss the chance to attend Benidorm Pride taking place every September – 4th-10th September 2017. It’s a great way to mix with the locals and other tourists and promote the message of equality, inclusion, love and acceptance whoever you are. Kicking off with several parties, you can join in the Pride Parade taking place along the seafront that brings smiles all round!

And between watersports and beach days, where would you recommend for the best eats?

There are two restaurants that I completely recommend – Villa Venecia and Maderia Centro. Exclusive and offering fine dining, they showcase freshly caught fish symbolising Benidorm’s heritage as a small fishing village.

Are there any cultural souvenirs you would recommend taking home for holidaymakers that don’t want another pen or postcard?

As someone who doesn’t like to collect stuff as I’m always on the move, I do like to take away food and drink souvenirs that I can share with fellow travellers at another destination as it’s a great icebreaker. I would recommend Spanish wine. Wine always helps meeting other people!

Finally, do you have any other suggestions for day trips in Costa Blanca?

I recommend off-roading into the wilderness in Costa Blanca. With Marco Polo Expeditions, you can climb the hills and mountains of Benimantell National Park that’s just outside the city of Benidorm. It’s action-packed and once you’ll get to the top, you’ll see a fantastic panoramic view of Benidorm.


Thanks to Ed for taking the time to visit with us about Benidorm. For more tips and tricks on visiting Costa Blanca, you can also check out our travel guide.