Ibiza’s Best Party Hotels Of 2014


Ibiza has held the crown as party capital of the world for some time now, and 2014 saw the next stage of its evolution. Party hotels are getting very popular with outdoor parties, poolside stages and creative multimedia shows. But will the added glam drive up the costs and price the island out of parties?

We hope not and there are no signs of the global party capital slowing down just yet. Las fiestas spill out into the streets and the rise of party hotels is a nod to the past, which saw the island attract genuine feel-good ravers. Now, with cool advances in audio-visual technology, shows are even more vibrant and aesthetic. In many ways 2014 has ushered in the best in Ibiza to date.

Ibiza is one party list everyone wants their name on, so if you are planning an Ibiza holiday in 2015, which party hotels should you be checking out?

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel
Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel gets the voters choice as the number one open air hotel on the island. If you want a juicy taste of the Ibiza party hotel experience, this is the place to grab your first bite of the action. For around £1,350 you can get four nights in a deluxe room, enjoy two pools and free entry to the club – as well as all the perks of staying at the Ushuaia hotel.

The Ushuaia Tower
One of the new hotels for Ibiza in 2015 is the fully exclusive Ushuaia experience. Why settle for a hotel when you can enjoy a spot in the Tower? With all the perks of its 5-star sister, the Tower gives you a little bit extra. A stay in the “Anything Can Happen Suite” with a stage view, will cost you around £250 per night, but you get an aerial view of the club, your own outdoor Jacuzzi and the premium Ibiza experience.

Hard Rock Hotel
Just opposite the Ushuaia sits the Hard Rock Hotel on the famous Playa d’en Bossa beach. Here, you can take control of the party with a Fender guitar delivered to your room on request. Choose a personalised playlist for a custom Ibiza soundtrack and mix it yourself with a Traktor Kontrol Z1, and they’ll even throw in a laptop to blend in your own sound. And of course you can always join the rest of the party in the hotel’s open air club.

Destino Pacha Resort
One of the best locations on the party island, the Destino Pacha Resort, gets you away from the airport and Ibiza city, without taking you too far from the action. Destino is a place for people who want to join the main crowd when it suits them, but a secluded party spot to return to. The Destino soundtrack is designed to give the place an ambiance without the full volume effect.

Hotel Es Vive
The Es Vive was a “Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence” winner in 2014 and, boasting the loudest parties on the island, it is not difficult to see why. But the Es Vive is not all hyper-sound. You can return to your secluded getaway to recharge and, with one of the most stunning outdoor pool areas on the island, a killer soundtrack and an easy vibe, this hotel is ideal for party-lovers who prefer crazy in smaller doses.

More to come next year
Ibiza doesn’t let up! New hotels in 2015 are bigger, better, hotter and more exclusive than ever before. Look out for the next generation luxury hotel, 7 Pines. It’s rumoured to be a 7 star resort with sunset views and a great location by Cala Codolar.

What makes people return to Ibiza year in year out, is its continual change, whether it be new venues, new parties or new restaurants. Every year there is something new for people to look forward to. So now the season has just about finished, there’s only one thing left to do. Book your 2015 holiday in Ibiza here.