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Ibiza Tempts Divers With Waterproof Brochure

Recommended as a top diving destination by PADI, Ibiza is building on this with the release of a specialist brochure detailing all of the top spots.

The Ibiza tourist board recently published a special brochure extolling the Balearic Island’s excellent facilities for scuba divers and snorkellers, building on the success of an endorsement by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

Earlier this year, PADI declared Ibiza to be the best spot in Europe for summer diving, leading to an influx of diving enthusiasts booking cheap holidays on the island. For its part, there are 12 PADI-accredited centres on Ibiza, ranging from beginner courses to those for the more experienced scuba diver.

The dedicated diving brochure gives visitors all the information they need for great diving holidays in Ibiza, with details of 20 of its best spots for diving, such as difficulty levels, the minimum and maximum diving depths, accessibility and the location of exciting diving features, such as wrecks, caves and reefs. These include the sunken remains of merchant ship Don Pedro, and the undersea Neptune grass meadows around the island – an attraction that UNESCO added to its World Heritage list in 1999.

To make the brochure even more attractive to divers and rugged outdoor types, it is made from the waterproof and tear-resistant material rock paper!

Another great spot for diving is the Philippines. With over 7,000 islands and several different diving regions – plus a UNESCO World Heritage Site reef system – PADI says that “if there’s a single dive destination that should be heading up the wish list of every diver, but has been largely overlooked, it’s the Philippines.” Cheap holidays in the Philippines are attractive for all sorts of reasons, but for divers there is an extra, irresistible dimension.

Indonesia is also a highly PADI-recommended diving destination, being the world’s largest archipelago, with 17,000 islands, and a hotspot for marine biodiversity.