Hotel Room Yoga to Keep You Fit on Holiday


Flying off for a couple of weeks in the sun is one of the highlights of our year, but while not many people say “I’m going to miss work so much!” quite a lot of people do miss their gym or regular yoga practice. But why let the worry of not staying fit and healthy spoil the good times when you can just do yoga in your hotel room instead of the studio?

Even if you’re not a regular yogini, you can benefit from simple yoga poses when travelling. Yoga can help you to unwind after a long journey, unknot muscles that might be sore after sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, and give you energy if you’ve got jetlag or have had one too many cocktails.

Lord of the dance pose

Also called “dancer pose” or natarajasana, this elegant pose revitalises you very quickly. It is a balancing pose but beginners need not worry: you can do it with your hand on the wall for support.

Seated twist

The seated twist, or Bharadvaja’s twist, gives you a quick jolt of energy. Much better than reaching for that afternoon cake and cappuccino when too much sightseeing gets the better of you! You can really feel it working as you gently twist your spine. Make sure to do it on both sides.

Pigeon pose

Pigeon pose, or eka pada rajakapotasana, is a more advanced pose so don’t try it if you haven’t done it before in the studio. great to open up hips tight from travelling, and it soothes your back too.

Standing side stretches

Very easy, very effective, standing side stretches stretch, well, your sides and back. Perfect to unknot kinks at any time, you don’t need to be a master of balance or get down on the floor to do them. This is the easiest pose on the list. Again, make sure to stretch both sides and make sure that you are not slumping forwards or arching yourself backwards.

Child’s pose

Child’s pose, otherwise known as balasana, is a beautifully gentle stretch for your back, neck, hips, thighs, knees and ankles, all areas which get cramped when travelling. It’s not only easy, it’s very relaxing too, and perfect when, for example, you have to change planes and must wait in the airport. Simply find a quiet spot and give yourself a moment in Child’s Pose.

And the good thing about all this? You don’t even have to bring your yoga gear with you on holiday – abandon your mat and your yoga pants, because you can do hotel room yoga in your underwear! N.B. If you’re doing yoga at the airport, don’t do it in your knickers. Your normal clothes will do fine.

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