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A Guide to Cyprus’ not-to-be-missed Nightspots

It’s time to slip on your summer shorts and dig out your sunglasses because the party shores of Cyprus are calling. A night of festivities is guaranteed on this island, so make sure you get plenty of sleep on the plane! As we’re sure you’re aware Ayia Napa is Cyprus’ main clubbing scene with its endless list of nightclubs and bars, but the island also plays host to many other party spots from the lively hangouts of Limassol to the Bar Street of Paphos. So, we think it’s time you join us while we count down Cyprus’ hottest partying resorts.

Ayia Napa

The resort of Ayia Napa doesn’t need much of an introduction because if you haven’t already heard of it, well you must have been living under a rock because it has been the talk of the partying world for a few years now. As a firm favourite among clubbers everywhere, it’s easy to see why it’s plethora of clubs and bars have been named some of the best in the world. That’s right – the wild resort has over 80 bars and 12 nightclubs, so we suggest trying a different one every night.

Where to go

There are some amazing clubs in Ayia Napa each with their own distinct features, but we have to recommend The Castle Club. Not only is this the largest club in Ayia Napa but it’s also the largest in the whole of Cyprus. Built inside what looks like an old castle, you’ll find everything from a resident DJ, a VIP lounge area and a truly unique atmosphere that will stay with you forever.


Before Ayia Napa hogged the trophy as the party capital of Cyprus, there was Limassol. As the second largest city in Cyprus, Limassol used to hold the title as the most exciting nightspot on the island. Although it is a much more low-key version of Ayia Napa today, it still has a wide selection of bars, clubs and cafés to keep party animals firmly on their toes with clubs that stay open into the early hours of the morning. This resort is more about chic lounge bars, sophisticated cocktails, casual clubs and pumping music.

Where to go

There are dozens of bars and clubs to try in Limassol, but for us the 7 Seas really stands out. This live music venue is a cut above the rest with its contemporary design, special cocktails and an endless list of events which will keep your party calendar full for the whole year.


With a whole street dedicated to buzzing bars and named ‘Bar Street’ it won’t be long before you come across everything from karaoke haunts, beach hangouts and music centred spots. Not unlike Ayia Napa, this is the place to be spotted when the sun goes down as it is by far one of the hippest spots in Paphos. Take a walk down the stunning harbour area where you’re sure to come across countless club promoters. Yes, we know they can be annoying but they can also be helpful if you have never been to the resort as they often show visitors around the strip and can offer some good drink deals. So, whatever you’re nightlife style you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes here.

Where to go

The Rose Pub is our pick. Known as the party pub of Paphos, this is the place to really let your hair down with its friendly and lively atmosphere. The traditional English pub serves up a taste of home with its traditional Sunday roasts and sporting events. Live music is also on the menu and is one of the bars biggest draws as it gets everyone in the party mood.


If you’re staying in the resort of Larnaca and you’re looking for a bustling night scene, a trip to Ayia Napa isn’t required. As the home of the island’s main international airport, Larnaca has some must- try clubs and a lively strip, plus the resort has been known to host some amazing beach parties over the years. The nightlife seems to be based around Larnaca’s busy beachfront promenade, making this the city’s focal point.

Where to go

Situated in the heart of Larnaca’s busy centre is Geometry Club. After a full revamp, the club is now one of the hippest spots in Larnaca and has one of the most impressive entrances you may ever witness during your clubbing years with its state-of-the-art ceiling made from polygonal crystal prisms. Its mirror-like walls are also a sight to behold and give the club an almost futuristic look, so if you’re looking for a club with a difference this is definitely it!


As a popular resort for weddings, you’ll often find plenty of groups in the resorts plentiful bars with weddings parties, stags dos and hens dos taking to its shores each year. There’s no denying it, Protaras isn’t as high up on the club scale as its neighbouring resort Ayia Napa, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t much going on. In fact, Protaras is quite the opposite and there are lively bars on every corner of its energetic strip. Most bars here have their own wide-screen TV, tribute act performances and a karaoke machine which never fail to draw in the crowds night after night.

Where to go

If you’re looking for somewhere loud and lively which serves up delicious cocktails make sure you stop at Bell’s Cocktail Bar. The DJ makes sure everyone is having an enjoyable night by getting everyone up off their seats and dancing the night away. This bars electric atmosphere and loud music pour out into the streets and seem to catch the eye of everyone that passers, making it one of the most fun-filled spots in the whole of Protaras.

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