Forget romantic holidays, how about a holiday for one?

With Valentine’s Day looming, the word romantic is on repeat. Romantic cards, romantic dinners, romantic getaways – it’s everywhere.

To give you a break we’re talking about the complete opposite – a treat for yourself instead. How does a sun-soaked escape for one sound? Along with a tan that people will be envious of, as well as our cheap holiday deals, here’s all the things you can look forward to with a singles holiday…

Your own itinerary

Imagine being able to do exactly what you want, when you want? With no obligations from home and no compromises to make on dates, airports or the biggest decision of all – the destination, by opting to holiday alone you can jet away to that place you’ve been dreaming of and do things that you solely enjoy. Another hour lounging around the pool? Why not. You’re in complete control of where to go and what to do.

Single and ready to mingle

The thought of solo travel can sometimes come with a worry of being a billy-no-mates when in actual fact it’s a great chance to meet new people. Thanks to the countless number of activities and excursions on offer, you’ll never run out of things to do or people to talk to.

What’s more, recent data by ABTA shows that more than one in six people are now opting to go away by themselves, so you can rest assured knowing there’ll be plenty of singles ready to merge and mingle with. So much so, you’ll forget you ever boarded that plane alone.

Looking to meet likeminded singles doesn’t mean you have to head directly to the party islands either. Although Ibiza, Majorca and Cyprus have a great social scene if that’s what you fancy, there’s plenty of other sociable hotspots out there too. Take the likes of Santorini – catamaran cruises, wine tasting and volcano trekking are just a few of the activities you can take part in as a group, you’ll be surprised at how many friends you come away with.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone

Holidaying alone is guaranteed to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. We’re not just talking about taking part in once-in-a-lifetime experiences like parasailing along the Mexican coast or diving in the Red Sea’s magical underwater world. Even from boarding that plane solo, to checking yourself in at the hotel, you’ll feel a real sense of gratification.

Besides, with the widespread availability of Wi-Fi around the world you’ll feel right at home and will be able to share those smug ‘wish you were here’ beach snaps with your family and friends back in the UK. Plus there’s tons of travel apps too, making it easier than ever to navigate the world alone.

My, myself and I

According to ABTA*’s recent survey, 63% of people said they choose to holiday alone for a chance to take some time out and get that all important ‘me time’. Sometimes you just can’t beat your own company, with nobody to please but yourself.

If your idea of the perfect holiday is to relax and do nothing but sunbathe all day, then do it. With laid-back, adults only resorts in stunning surroundings like TUI Sensimar you can do exactly that. Or perhaps you prefer being active in the water instead of lounging around it? No problem. There’s Robinson resorts where you can try a new experience every day. From yoga classes to surfing, if you want to go away to learn a new skill then there’s nobody stopping you.

Solo savings

People often think that having the sheer luxury of your very own hotel room comes with a giant room supplement cost on top, however there’s plenty of hotels that don’t charge it at all. Take the Illa D’or Hotel for example, here you can unwind in Majorca’s prettiest surroundings, soak up sea views and have a single room all to yourself with no supplement charges.

And there’s plenty more where that came from. So, whatever your relationship status, whatever your motive, there’s a singles holiday option for you. With an incredible choice of hotels and destinations to choose from, it’s never been easier to explore the world on your own.


*Data from ABTA Holiday Habits Report 2018