Essential Post-Pandemic Travel Tips

Essential Post-Pandemic Travel Tips

After what seems like forever, travel is back! We’re so excited to be able to get back to what we do best – matching happy holiday-makers with their dream packages. We can finally do our job with the confidence that measures are in place to make sure you can holiday to a wide range of destinations with minimal fuss and maximum safety!

Before you pack up and head for the airport, we’d recommend reading through some of our top tips for post-pandemic travelling. We’ve rounded up all you need for a heavenly break that’s sunny, safe and stress-free!

Pack extra face masks

Regardless of the specific rules on face masks at your chosen destination, it’s a good idea to take extra masks with you. You never know where you may be required to wear one, or where you would simply feel more comfortable with one on. For example, if you’re hoping to visit popular tourist attractions, the crowds may be busier than you’re used to in the UK.

Keeping safe is top priority, and after all, a few face masks aren’t going to push your suitcase over the weight limit! Pop some extras in and you’ll be fully prepared wherever you go.

Be aware of forms & testing requirements

Anyone who has travelled to a foreign country in recent months will understand that it does come with some admin. This varies from country to country, however the majority of holidays require a pre-departure form to be filled out. We recommend you take a look at the FCDO website for the latest rules and regulations.

As well as preparing important documents, you should make yourself aware about any testing that’s required to visit your destination. You may also need to pack a lateral flow test with you to take ahead of your return to the UK. Find out all you need to know here.

Check what your travel insurance covers

It goes without saying that you should take out travel insurance before you leave the country. There are many different policies, some with higher levels of cover than others, so it can be quite a minefield. When you’re looking for insurance, you should keep in mind as standard the cover of medical expenses, injury cover, lost baggage and cancellations/delays.

Obviously, since the outbreak of Coronavirus, it’s wise to make sure you have COVID cover in your insurance. With all of our packages, we offer cover that allows you to amend your holiday for free should you contract the virus, if you’re officially required to isolate prior to your travel dates or if your area goes into lockdown when you are due to depart. You can find out all you need to know on our help and support page.

Get a travel card to minimise cash payments

Having a debit or credit card instead of using cash on holiday is a great option – especially after the pandemic. Anything you can do to minimise touch points is a bonus! There are some great choices these days for travel cards that work anywhere in the world, saving money on transaction fees and making your holiday run that bit more smoothly.

As well as looking at transaction fee-free cards from the UK’s main high street banks, we would recommend taking a look at TUI’s Travel Money Card, which is super easy to set up and has its own helpful app. It makes buying abroad so much easier, and gives you one less thing to worry about on your holiday!

Download any apps you need in advance

Gone are the days of carrying around files of paperwork when you’re heading to the airport. Now, you can have everything you need stored handily on your phone. Everything from your travel dates and flight details to your hotel policies and insurance cover can be stored on an app, making life that much easier for you when you travel.

If you’re going on a TUI package holiday, download the TUI app beforehand. It’s a one-stop shop with absolutely everything you need in one place! It has live travel updates, the function to make reservations, a trip planner, exclusive deals, 24/7 customer support and more.

Make sure your passport is valid

This may seem obvious, but it’s one of the most important last minute travel tips of them all. Many people have recently been caught out at the airport with an invalid passport, meaning they’ve not been able to go on their holiday.

When Britain left the EU, rules around the older style burgundy passport changed. Instead of expiring on the stated expiry date, they expire ten years after the date they were issued. If your passport is reaching its expiry date, it’s most definitely worth checking. We’ve put together a handy guide to making sure your passport is in date and ready for travel.

Bring disinfectant wipes & hand sanitiser

Remember at the start of lockdown when we wiped down pretty much anything that came into our homes? It seems excessive looking back, but it was so necessary to keep the virus at bay. When you go on your next travels, we’d recommend keeping this in mind and taking plenty of disinfectant wipes with you – not forgetting a good supply of hand sanitiser.

One of the most important things to consider when disinfecting on your travels is your suitcase. Once you check it in, any number of people could be handling it. We’d recommend you thoroughly wipe down all touch points, luggage tags and wheels when you first get hold of your baggage after your flight.

Go All Inclusive to mingle with fewer people

You’ll naturally come into contact with new people when you’re on your travels. However, if you’d like to minimise this as much as you can, an All Inclusive getaway is a sensible (and brilliant!) choice. You’ll be able to enjoy beautiful resorts with as much food and drink as you’d like, safe in the knowledge that you’re not mingling with as many people as you might do on another kind of holiday.

Most of our favourite hotels and holiday resorts offer spectacular All Inclusive holidays that give you the opportunity to try local food and sample extensive cocktail lists, all the while enjoying beautiful hotel rooms and luxurious facilities. If you’ve not tried All Inclusive, it’s certainly a travel experience to add to your list!

Take your camera & have plenty of fun!

Of all the great tips we’ve highlighted, this is one of the most important. We’ve all been cooped up at home for the best part of a year and a half, so it’s about time we make some special memories and really let our hair down. Pack a camera with you when you go on your travels and snap plenty of photos. You’ll love having them to look back on in the years to come.

Finally, have fun! Don’t be afraid to try things you’ve never done before and push the boat out a little (or a lot!). Try new foods, go swimming in the sea, enjoy an excursion, dive in the pool, and most of all, enjoy every moment of your travels. We all know you’ve earned it!

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