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With the cost of living creeping up every year many of us are starting to feel the pinch, so it’s not surprising that when we come to searching for our holidays we not only have to find a good value holiday but also a destination where you pound will actually stretch further than a yoga instructor.

Thailand – Thai Baht, 55 Thai Bahts = £1.00

If you don’t mind flying further afield Thailand is right at the top of our list when it comes to good value for money.
Most hotels in Thailand offer you Bed and Breakfast ranging from basic get your head down hotels to feeling like an A lister when the butler arrives in your room to serve you breakfast. Staying on a Bed and Breakfast option gives you the choice to eat out and sample all of the different varieties of food on offer. An average three course meal with a drink usually costs around £9.00 per person although if you head out to the street vendors, which is  a must do while in Thailand, you can enjoy a everything from Thai curry to noodle soup a for as little as £1.00- much less than a measly hot dog would cost in the UK. The bustling street markets are in abundance offering goods from the expected to the damn right bizarre.

Where east meets west your pound really will get you a huge amount of rupees to spend. As you lay on the beach you can enjoy being pampered  from head to toe with a full body massage for no more than £5.00. As lunch time approaches you will be spoilt for choice with the many beach shacks offering you everything from local curry or fish dishes to egg and chips from as little as £3.00. As night time approaches you can indulge in one of the many restaurants with the average meal and a drink around £5.00

Morocco, 13.78 Moroccan Diram = £1.00

Closer to home Morocco, has a unique culture and is a great place for shopping. Be ready to haggle as soon as you step into one of the many medinas. From Carpets and clothing, to olives and spices you will be in a shopper’s paradise. Eating out is a great way to taste the local cuisine with the average three course meal with drinks costing around £9.00

Turkey 3.55 Turkish Lira = £1.00

Although the cost of living has increased over the years, Turkey still remains great value for money. Shops, shops and more shops is what most of us girls love about Turkey, allowing us to pick out the most sought after top brands. Just a little reminder though that all may not be what it seems as Turkey is somewhat a little loose when it comes to copyright laws. As for eating out you can enjoy a breakfast for as little £2.00 and an evening meal for around £10.00 including drinks, depending on how up market you want to go.

Bulgaria 2.40 Bulgarian Lev = £1.00

Bulgaria is Europe’s hidden gem and has been hitting the spot for years with budget conscience travellers. The main resorts have endless rows of shops and stalls where you can purchase all of your usual holiday paraphernalia. Bulgaria offers a wide choice of international and local cuisine with average prices for a meal with drinks being around £9.00

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