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Beach vs Pool – The big holiday debate

Beach vs Pool – The big holiday debate

The beach vs pool debate is probably the biggest holiday debate anyone ever has. For those who opt for a relaxing break rather than a full sightseeing adventure, you’ll likely of once had the dilemma over beach days or pool days – everyone prefers one over the other right!

Tropical beach resort look out from hotel pool area


Many before us have tried to answer this conundrum of a question, but here at Holiday Hypermarket we’ve put the question to the test. We asked all of our Facebook and Twitter following to vote in order to determine which one it is that you truly prefer.

First let’s weigh up the pros and cons of both!

Pool Pros

Specific water depths

One of the biggest differences about a pool to the sea, there is no waves and no current. This means they can generally be safer for families, as you don’t have the worry of your little ones drifting whilst playing. Some hotel pools are even designed like the entrance to the sea with a gradual decline into the water and they’re clearly marked for depth so you can keep yourself at a comfortable level for your swimming ability. – They’ll be no unexpected drops like they can be when wading out into the sea.

Swimming pool showing water depth


Clean water

Swimming pools are generally fresh water treated with chlorine so you can swim safe in the knowledge you’re in a clean environment! If you’re staying in a hotel, they’ll generally have pool downtime overnight in order to neutralise the water and keep it at its best.

Comfy sun loungers

Most hotel pool areas are lined with sun loungers, hopefully ones complete with mattress toppers so you can lounge all day long in supreme comfort. You may even be lucky enough to stay at a hotel with actual daybeds by the pool – oh the luxury!

 woman in a big white hat on a lounger by the pool

Tymonko Galyna /

Pool Cons


Pool areas tend to be far more compact than a beach coastline, this can make noise from those around you a lot louder. Whether it’s a difference in taste of music or wanting to avoid the squeals and splashes of others, the sound of waves may be more appealing.

Fight for sunbeds

Green towels on a row of empty sunloungers beside a swimming pool

Stephen Barnes /

Although they may be convenient and comfortable, deciding to lounge by your hotel pool can come with the stress of first reserving your desired sunbeds. Holiday sunbed wars can be frustrating when all you’re wanting to do is relax. Although not all beaches have sun loungers to use, those that do tend to have a lot of them, so they can be easier to come by. However, some beaches may charge for the privilege.

Same scenery

If you opt for pool days on your holiday, you’ll tend to stay and use your hotels facilities. This can mean experiencing the same scenery for the majority of your holiday and not exploring as much of the destination you have decided to visit.

Beach Pros

Relaxing sounds of the waves

Young woman walking into the sea on a beach

Sergey Novikov/

The sounds of waves crashing along the shore can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s one that floods back happy memories of holidays and the tranquillity that comes along with them. Depending on the size of the beach you visit, you may be able to position yourself away from other tourists and simply relax in your own bubble with just the simple sounds of nature filling your ears.

Salt water benefits

If you’re one to spend time in the sea whilst enjoying a day at the beach, the salt water can actually do wonders for your skin. Seawater can be rich in minerals like magnesium, zinc and iron! These are all anti-inflammatory and can help protect our skins natural barrier. – Ever thought your skin is much nicer when you’re on holiday? The sea could in fact be the reason why.

Water sports

happy, excited family, father and child having fun on jet ski

Olesia Bilkei/

Visiting the beach is perfect for anyone who likes to get out and about whilst on holiday but still loves to soak up the sun. If you’re one of those who just ‘can’t sit still’ a beach with water sport activities will keep you occupied until the sun goes down. From banana boats to jet-skis or even snorkelling among the fishes – a day at the beach can more than keep you entertained.

Beach Cons

Sand but sand everywhere!

If you love the beach, you likely not mind the sand however it tends to get EVERYWHERE. Sand sandwiches, sandy towels, sand in your suncream – it’s an issue, and one anyone must overcome in order to enjoy days on those beautiful yet slightly annoying warm golden speckles.

Salt water in your eyes

Boy playing in the sea

Larina Marina/

Days at the beach mean cool downs in the sea. It can be super fun splashing around in the waves until you unfortunately get a bout of salt water in your eyes – I’m sure we can all agree that it stings! You can however rock a stunning pair of goggles to easily overcome this con.

Jellyfish watch

The sea is home to many magnificent creatures, some of which however can be a little scary to us humans. Jellyfish are one of the most common to see within those crystal waters, so you can sometimes feel a little on edge, especially when you feel something skim past you!

The result

The part you’ve all came here for! Beach or pool is very much a personal choice, however our followers have spoken and the winner is….



Days by the pool received 65% of the vote! Do you agree with this result?

It’s no matter if you do or you don’t. Holiday Hypermarket has such a vast range of hotels, we’ll be sure to find you the perfect choice for your personal preference! Just take a look at some of the options we’ve rounded up below to get a feel of where you could be jetting off to next!

Pool lovers need to stay here

Holiday Village Atlantica Rhodes, Kolymbia, Greece

Pool area at Holiday Village Atlantica Rhodes

One that’s great for the kids! If you’re a family of pool lovers, the Holiday Village Atlantica in Rhodes could tick all your boxes. All Inclusive and rated five stars, this incredible hotel comes complete with five pools and an adventure splash park.

This hotels outstanding pool areas each offer slightly different atmospheres. From lively ones with swim up bars to quiet ones and a lazy river! There’s even a specific pool for the children housing a super fun pirate ship. – This hotel really does get top marks for its pool scene!

You’re a short walk from bars and cafés in Kolymbia if you ever want to step out of your hotel complex and there’s regular buses into Rhodes Town too.

Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach Hotel, Thailand

Pool area in Pullman phuket arcadia naithon beach hotel

Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach hotel offers five-star luxury and makes an idyllic break away for couples.

There’s two swimming pools at this hotel, one with unbelievable panoramic views of the Andaman Sea and its gorgeous white sands below – all thanks to its clifftop setting! You’re even treated to in-water loungers so you can happily stay cool whilst catching the sun’s rays all day long.

Each pool has its very own bar so you won’t even have to venture far for those holiday cocktails! Make your days as relaxing or active as you wish here, you can simply lap up the enjoyment of doing nothing other than sitting poolside, or join in with the likes of yoga, pilates and in-water tai chi!

If this wasn’t already incredible enough, you’re only 20meters from Phuket resort centre, where you can browse through many shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Beach lovers need to stay here

Riu Caribe Hotel, Mexico

Beach scenery Riu Caribe Hotel Cancun

Mexico is known for its beautiful stretches of glistening white sands so it’s a great place to head if you are in fact a beach lover. The four star TUI UK rated Riu Caribe Hotel in Cancun, perfectly shows off these golden shores with it being positioned directly on the beach!

This beachfront location is a tropical paradise also close to Cancun’s bustling centre full of shops, restaurants, bars and clubs.

You can lap up those gorgeous sea views right from your very own balcony and from each three pools among the grounds – that’s if you do ever fancy a pool day.

At night you can dine in the open air steak house which overlooks the beach from its terrace and if you like to keep active during the day, there’s beach volleyball and aerobics – plus you can even try your hand at scuba diving and body boarding!

Holiday Inn Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Holiday inn Resort beach area - Montego Bay

How does a hotel situated on its very own private beach sound?

This four star TripAdvisor rated beachside hotel is in an idyllic tucked-away location surrounded by tropical gardens that lead onto the beach, and very own private island just steps from the shore! You have access to a two kilometre stretch of beautiful white sands and crystal clear waters, shallow enough to wade confidently.

Water babies rejoice in beach sports of sailing, kayaking, deep-sea fishing and scuba diving, and if you’re also a lover of food, there’s six restaurants with a grill and Jamaican barbecue right on the beach!

You’re only 15km from Montego Bay, if you wish to explore more of Jamaica’s luscious sandy beaches. The hotel is also only a stone’s throw from Rose Hall – A must do when visiting Jamaica.

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