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Alternative Destinations for 2015

Those of us who choose to travel tend to do so for many reasons, from the food to the nightlife and the culture. Time and time again we’ve been told to visit the Caribbean if we’re seeking stunning beaches or France if we want to visit museums and historical architecture, which means many of us tend to stick to the same destinations.

However, with a world full of diverse places why do we always visit the same tourist spots? Well, you don’t have to because Holiday Hypermarket is here to remind you that there are plenty of alternative destinations which rival those popular picks, so take a look.

  1. Australia’s coastline vs. Portugal’s coastline

We can’t deny it Australia has some spectacular shores. Known as the limestone coast there are some beautiful sights to behold. But if you don’t fancy flying half way across the world, a quick trip to Algarve, Portugal is a great alternative. Made up of coves, jagged cliffs, boulders and century-old rocks this is the perfect backdrop for a spot of surfing or a long evening stroll with your loved one.

  1. The Caribbean’s beaches vs. Greece’s beaches

If you thought the Caribbean was the only place which boasts crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches you were mistaken! In fact, a holiday to the Greek island of Crete  will make you question whether or not you have jumped on the wrong plane. With warm turquoise coloured waters and vast stretches of sand, Crete is Greece’s version of the Caribbean. And Elafonissi beach in Chania is a must. Located on the south western side of Crete, this beach can only be described as paradise on earth with its coral sands and gentle shallow waters. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a sunbed while you look out across the Aegean Sea.

  1. France’s culture vs. Croatia’s culture

From the world’s must visited tourist attraction, the Louvre to the famous artist-filled square of Montmartre, France has some great cultural spots. But it’s not the only place which offers ancient monuments, stunning architecture and a bucket load of museums. Move aside France because Croatia boasts some extraordinary sights. The old town of Dubrovnik is encircled with a 200-metre long wall which covers most of the town. This steeped in history spot is a museum in itself with its gothic churches and impressive buildings, and not to mention its UNESCO World Heritage status.

  1. Las Vegas’s nightlife vs. Ibiza’s nightlife

When we think of nightlife Las Vegas naturally springs to mind. With its illuminated strip and all-day pool party scene this hotspot is on every party-goers bucket list. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy the long-haul flight, why not try Ibiza? This Spanish island gives Vegas a run for its money as it continues to outdo itself with its selection of world-famous clubs, dress to impress pool parties and a DJ line-up that no other island can compete with.

  1. Italy’s food vs. Mexico’s food

Food and travel go together hand in hand and it seems more and more people are choosing to travel because of their love of local cuisine. I think we would all agree that Italy is most people’s foodie destination. This carb-loving country will tempt your taste buds with its freshly baked pizzas and slow-cooked pastas. Although Italy is a great option, there’s a world full of flavours and Mexico is one of them. This rich in vegetables country will open up a host of new tastes with its full-flavored chillies, fresh meat and crunchy tacos, making its dishes some of the worlds most favoured.

  1. Dubai’s shopping vs. Morocco’s shopping

Often described as a shopaholic’s heaven, Dubai holidays offer their fair share of boutiques from grand malls to small markets, meaning holidaymakers will be spoilt for choice. Alternatively, if you find Dubai’s vast skyline slightly overwhelming and prefer to shop in a much more intimate setting, why not try Morocco? Here you’ll find some of the worlds best souks offering everything from Jewellery, clothing, rare spices and the finest materials. Also, make sure you have your haggling head on because bartering a bargain in Morocco is about as normal as swimming in a pool.

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