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Airport Guide – Travelling with a Baby Made Easy

Say goodbye to those airport worries, traveling with your tiny tot has never been easier with our helpful guide. Find out everything you need to know from carrying baby milk through security to bringing car seats onboard.

Your questions, answered!

Can I take baby milk or food through security?

Most airports allow you to take as much baby food or milk as you need to cover your journey, in your hand luggage. This includes formula milk, sterilised water, baby food and soya milk for babies. In order for this to be allowed, you must have your baby present at the time of screening.

Airports are well aware baby food can be over 100ml, in some cases you may be able to take larger amounts through but this depends entirely on which airport you fly from, it’s always wise to double check before you head through security.

However, for those who are breast feeding, individual containers of breast milk can contain up to 2,000ml, and you don’t need the little one with you at the point of screening. It’s worth noting airport staff might open containers to screen the liquids.

Any more than this will have to be stored in your hold luggage, or you can take advantage of the Boots pharmacy reserve and collect service.

How does the Boots reserve & collect service work?

It couldn’t be simpler, just head on the Boots website, click the ‘Find a store’ link at the top of the page and type in ‘airport’. This will then collate a list of airports with the service available. Check below to see if your chosen airport is on the list.

  • Aberdeen Airport
  • Birmingham Airport
  • Gatwick Airport North Terminal
  • Gatwick Airport South Terminal
  • Gatwick Airport South Terminal Arrivals
  • Glasgow Airport
  • Heathrow Airport Terminal 2
  • Heathrow Airport Terminal 3
  • Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 Departures
  • Heathrow Airport Terminal 5
  • Leeds Bradford Airport
  • Liverpool Airport Airside
  • London Stansted Arrivals
  • Luton Airport Departures
  • Manchester Airport Terminal 1
  • Manchester Airport Terminal 2
  • Newcastle Airport
  • Stansted Airport

Select the airport you’re flying from and shop for all your baby essentials or holiday musts. Then collect your goods upon arrival. Boots store everything from milk, food, nappies and baby wipes, making your travels that much easier.

You can pre-order up to two tubs or 56 ready-to-drink cartons of baby milk from the website. But, be sure to put your orders in at least five or six days in advance to guarantee arrival.

This nifty trick means you won’t have to worry about your hand luggage allowances and getting through airport security will be a breeze.

Can I take my pushchair through to departures?

Most airports will now allow you to keep your pushchair right through to your gate, some even the aircraft doors. You will then be met by a handling agent, ready and waiting to unite your pushchair with your hold luggage.

You’ll even find some airports supply complimentary pushchairs, so you can easily check in your pushchair with your suitcases. You might find they’re available upon arrival too, just make sure you check with the airport before you head on some family fun.

Planning on hiring a car once you arrive in your sun-filled destination? If you have a baby of six months or over, you can take a car seat onboard the aircraft with you, as long as you have pre-booked the baby a seat.

What airport facilities are available for me and my baby?

Well equipped with rooms for feeding and changing, you have the space and privacy you need to look after your little one. Changing facilities are usually located throughout departures and arrivals with fold-down tables in both male and female toilets.

Many airports have dedicated zones for children, making those pre-boarding hours fly by. Find TVs filled with your child’s favourite shows, as well as areas filled with toys, all free of charge.

Find yourself lured in by family-favourite restaurants too, where supplies are on hand to heat baby milk or food and there are child-friendly meals to drive those taste buds crazy. Not to mention, parking is available just moments away from the terminal doors – ideal for those family holidays.

What am I allowed in my hand luggage?

Not sure what to pack in your hand luggage for your little one? Or simply don’t know what you can take through security. Look no further, we have you covered with our downloadable checklist to make your airport experience easy-peasy.

Baby checklist

Now you’re good to go, check out our amazing destinations and take your baby on its first adventure.