9 Nifty Stress Busting Airport Tips

9 Nifty Stress Busting Airport Tips

Getting to the airport marks the start of your well-deserved holiday and getting to your gate and on the plane should be as stress-free and exciting as the holiday itself! Okay, maybe not THAT exciting, but pretty close!

Here’s some of our favourite tips and tricks to get you through the airport seamlessly – don’t worry, alcohol is involved…

Pre Book Your Spot

Finding a spot in a car park, no matter where you are, can be a pretty stressful experience to say the least! Instead of turning up to the airport and hoping for the best on the day, we definitely recommend pre-booking your car park.

Depending on which one you choose, the time to the terminal can vary, but you’re provided with all the information you need before you even arrive. By pre-booking a car park, it ensures that there will be a spot for you, it might just take a little bit of looking! If you want something even easier, then why not consider a Meet & Greet option? 

At certain airports, you can pull up right outside the terminal in the dedicated meet and greet section, safely hand over your keys to the concierge who will park your car for you and you can head off into the terminal. When you arrive home, you head over to the meet and greet point again, and your car will be waiting for you right outside! Sounds ideal, right?

Mid-Week Flying

Flying at the weekend is usually everyone’s preference, especially people with young families when you’re restricted by school holidays. But, for those of us who don’t have children, or who can be a bit more flexible with their holidays, why not consider flying during the week? 

Not only are these dates usually cheaper than a weekend due to being less popular, flights and the airport tend to be a lot quieter, making it easier and quicker to get through check in and security! 

Check-in Online

Gone are the days where you have to wait in a long queue at check in to drop off your bags and get your paper boarding card. Nowadays, you get the option to check yourself and your family in online 48 hours before your flight time. Once you’ve completed this, you’ll receive your boarding passes that’ll be printable or, you can receive them on your phone. 

When you arrive at the airport, you can head straight to a dedicated TUI bag drop area where you’ll weigh your bag, attach the sticker then pop it on the conveyor belt, missing the queue to be checked in by a member of staff!

Check, Check, Check!

One thing that can hold you up when you go through security is your hand luggage. We all know the feeling of finding something unexpected in a bag you haven’t used for a while, our favourite is when you find some money! But, often if you haven’t bagged up your liquids, pulled out your electronics, or even taken your belt off, this can slow down your speedy security process. 

Before you reach the x-ray scanner, double check you don’t have any mini perfumes, lip balms or bottles of water that are too big, hiding in your bag. Any liquids must be under 100ml and they must be contained in a clear plastic bag. This also makes it much easier to pull them out for the scanner, and pop them straight back in at the other end. 

Fast Track VIP

Getting a fast track pass offers you the opportunity to head through a smaller queue in security meaning you can have your bags checked and be seated in the departure lounge before you know it. Some fast track options also offer you the chance to get onto the plane first, and though it doesn’t mean you can set off any sooner, it does mean you don’t need to stand in a long queue through the tunnel or stairs when boarding the plane.

Head To The Bar… ASAP!

No matter what time of day, it’s always time for an alcoholic drink in the airport! 7am with your breakfast? Pint! 2pm in the afternoon? Pint! Late night flight? PINT! Of course, the alcohol is optional if that’s not for you, but it certainly takes the edge off the stress for us. 

The airport bar is a great place to relax before your flight and there’s a wide range of drinks on offer including beers, cocktails, mocktails and soft drinks. They also serve food if you’re wanting a snack to line your stomach or if airplane food just isn’t for you.

Airport Lounging

Most airports offer a premium airport lounge which helps you start your holiday in style. These are available to pre-book online and for a set price, which varies from airport to airport, your drinks and food are all included. These lounges are usually a lot quieter than the main departure lounge, making it quicker and easier to grab a drink and a bite to eat.

Things to remember when booking an airport lounge are that some are adults only, so if you’re travelling with a youngster then you’ll have to ensure you book the correct lounge which allows children. Also, if you’re travelling in a group of 6+, you may need to call in advance to request your booking. This is to ensure that the lounge remains a peaceful environment, and isn’t full of rowdy passengers in big groups. 

Shop ‘til You Drop

Thanks to duty free stores, shopping in the airport has become a staple for many people. In the airport, customers are treated to tax-free shopping, which means items are usually cheaper than buying them from a highstreet store. Some of the most popular items to buy in the airport include fragrances, makeup and sunglasses. 

Many duty free stores offer a click and collect option too, meaning you can browse the wide range of items online in the comfort of your own home, then once you get to the airport they’ll be ready to pick up and you can be on your way! 

Keep The Kids Busy

Keeping young’ens entertained in the airport can often be a difficult task. With so much excitement for their pending holiday, there’s no wonder they’re a bundle of hyperactivity in the airport! Some of the best ways to keep kids entertained while waiting for the flight can be found in the departure lounge. 

Their iPads/tablets will be charged and ready to go – but you don’t want to waste that all important battery life, or have them lose interest, before you get on the plane! So why not wander around the airport and head to the arcades? Many airports have them and have suitable games for children and these can be a little bit of unexpected entertainment that’s just what the doctor ordered!

Take To The Skies!

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