5 reasons why Calabria should be on your holiday wish list

Somehow Calabria, the sun-drenched toe of the Italian boot has always been relatively unknown. We just don’t know how that’s possible with its spectacular beaches, next-level cuisine and natural beauty. What we do know is it should definitely be on your holiday destination bucket list. Here’s why…

1. The beaches are Caribbean quality

With an enormous 500 mile coastline it’s a given that some of Italy’s best stretches of sand are laid here. If you happened to see Gino D’Acampo and his Italian coastal escape on TV you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. If not, then imagine white-sand beaches, fantastically clear water and smouldering volcano views. You’ll feel like you’re in the Caribbean, in just a quarter of the flight time.


2. Food just like mama used to make

Foodies get excited, it’s no secret that Italy has many delicious dishes up its sleeve (or shall we say in its shoe!) but Calabria in particular has some very distinctive ones of its own. From the traditional spreadable sausage Nduja to the unexpectedly sweet flavour of Cipolla di a bright purple onion you’ll find in your pasta, pizza and even as a gelato flavour.

Plus, if you’re a Nando’s hot sauce lover, you’ll be in your element here as it’s the land of red gold, AKA red pepperoncino  a chilli pepper that makes up some of the spiciest cuisine in Italy.


3. Daytime napping is encouraged

If you’re normally always on the go, this place will be a shock to the system  in a good way. You’ll already know Southern Italy has a reputation for moving super slow and siesta-loving Calabria is a prime example. From 1–4pm each day, expect ghost town feels while everyone takes a little afternoon snooze. With everything closed during this time, it’s the perfect excuse to do the same without feeling the slightest bit guilty about it.


4. Your holiday snaps will be Instagram worthy

Breath-taking views are the norm here, thanks to the cliff-top towns, unspoilt beaches and landscape shaped by olive groves and vineyards. You’ll get to see Italy in a different light because mass tourists just don’t seem to be a thing. You’ll also capture pictures of the Calabrian charm without other tourists photo-bombing your view.


5. The best ice-cream in Italy

Back to our favourite topic, food. Along Calabria’s gelateria-lined streets you’ll experience some of the best ice-cream you’ll ever find, especially in Tropea’s historic emporium Gelati Tonino. Here there’s every flavour imaginable, yep its true  onion gelato really is a thing. The showstopper though is Tartufo  a cocoa-dusted ice cream ball of chocolate-fudge, nutty goodness.


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