Why You Should Consider a Cruise

Have you always been one for beach holidays and city breaks – but never ‘tested the waters’ of a cruise? It’s not all that surprising – sometimes it can be hard to know where to start! But once you do a little research – like deciding where you want to go and what you want out of your ship – then you’ll soon realise a cruise is a fantastic new holiday option for you and your loved ones. Here’s why you should consider a cruise…

A change from your usual beach holiday

It’s not surprising if all of your past holidays have all been a bit samey. A nice piece of coast, a cosy town by a beach and a sun lounger by a pool. Are we right? There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but what if you could have that and SO much more?

If we never try out new things, how would we ever find out what we like? You could be missing out on all that cruising has to offer! Sometimes it does us good to have a change – take a leap of faith and book an entirely different type of holiday. If it’s not for you, you can always go back to your usual beach holidays!

So much already included in the cost

The great thing about a sailing with Marella Cruises in particular is how much is already included in the cost of your cruise. You’re already All Inclusive as standard, meaning you get unlimited food and drinks in a variety of eateries onboard. So you can head to the main service restaurant for a fancy meal where you’re waited on hand and foot or you can opt for something off the buffet – there’s always plenty of choice!

Some ships even have snack stations known as the Snack Shack, where you can delve into grab n’ go bites like burgers, hot dogs and cookies. You’ll never have to eat the same thing twice!

A package with Marella Cruises also includes any flights needed to get to your starting port, as well as transfers to and from the ship. Many other cruise lines also charge separate gratuity fees, to cover the tips of all the staff onboard – however Marella Cruises already include this in the cost of your cruise, so there’s absolutely no need to tip if you don’t want to.

You’ll usually also get so many more fabulous facilities included onboard your ship than you would with a hotel. We’re talking about teen-only hangout spots, rock climbing walls, a full-sized theatre and even the likes of tennis and basketball courts. You needn’t worry about spending another penny if you don’t want to!

If you’ve normally gone for an All Inclusive beach holiday, then a getaway in a hotel will usually mean meals in the same main restaurant every night and often a limited drinks menu. That’s far from the case when you sail with Marella Cruises though – with some ships having up to 10 bars and 10 restaurants onboard! We’re talking themed bars, high-end restaurants, a snack stop and even a spot for ice-cream. The only hard part is choosing where you want to go!

When it comes to great value, you really can’t beat a cruise – multiple destinations in one holiday, an array of food and drinks, flights, transfers and a whole host of entertainment at your fingertips. It’s mind-blowing!

Multiple destinations

Instead of just getting familiar with one location – heading down to the same beach, the same shops, and chilling around the same pool every day – get to grips with loads of different destinations, all in one holiday.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to travel – properly travel – well, a cruise is a fantastic way of getting that ball rolling. In one 7-night sailing you could tick off up to six different locations, and we’re talking about places that really pack a punch. On your average Mediterranean sailing, you can take in the big top three – Italy, France and Spain – all in one cruise! And that means only having to unpack once!

There’s even sailings known as ‘repositioning cruises’ which are brilliant for taking in two completely different parts of the world, on one sailing. These cruises take the ship from one sailing season to the next – for example when summer in the Med comes to an end and it’s time for the ship to set sail to the warmer climes of the Caribbean.

On Marella Discovery 2’s Tropical Escapes itinerary, you’ll start in marvelous Malaga along the Costa Del Sol, before moving to Madeira and eventually ending up in Montego Bay in Jamaica. Along the way you’ll take in Gibraltar, Antigua, the British Virgin Islandss as well as the Dominican Republic. How’s that for an adventure!

There’s no feeling quite like it

No matter what we say, we really can’t describe the feeling of setting sail – it’s something you have to experience! Looking out to sea, a warm breeze brushing against your face and the shimmering waves seemingly everlasting as you glide through the water – there’s very few more beautiful sights than this.

There’s something magical about waking up, sliding open the doors of your balcony and looking outside at your new destination. What will it look like? Is it what you expected? Many cruisers would agree they could quite happily just sit on their balcony and watch the world go by, either at sea looking out to the horizon or waving off the people at the day’s destination as you set sail for the next. Talk about total peace and relaxation!

Time to try it for yourself?

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