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Deals of the week – 19th September 2016

As nights in the UK start to get colder, a break in the sun becomes ever more important. We’ve picked out some of the best holiday deals to transport you from misty damp gloom to fantastic sunshine. With...

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European Cafes are Proving Kindness is the Way Forward

In a humorous attempt to improve the vibes in her establishment, the owner of Restaurant Blau Grifeu has taken an interesting initiative, charging €5 to any customers demanding a coffee but neglecting to use their manners. English travellers...

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summer drink

6 Sweet Treats to Help You Cool Down This Summer

It’s summer, you’re hot and the temperature outside is still rising. You reach for a cool beer or a cocktail, but you’re still thirsty, especially during the heat of the day. You’re body is begging you to rehydrate,...