A clubber's guide to Kardamena and Kos Town

Kos might be pint-sized as far as islands go, but it’s by and large the liveliest of the Dodecanese family, at least where nightlife is concerned. Kardamena and Kos Town are its after-hours leaders, with a flush of bars and clubs to rival other Greek island biggies.

If you’re heading this way for the nightlife, read on for what to expect and how to make the most of your evenings in Kos.

Kardamena nightlife

Kardamena is widely regarded as Kos’s number one party destination, boasting bars and clubs that stay open long into the morning.

Chances are, if you’re in the area and looking for an action-packed night out, you’re heading to Kardamena.

The majority of Kardamena’s nightlife scene is clumped together. Most people start out at the bars on aptly-named Bar Street, before heading out to the clubs along the harbour. It doesn’t get quite as rowdy as other Greek party resorts like Malia and Laganas, but what it does, it does well.

What Kardamena is particularly good for is variety – it’s known here that the bars each have their own distinct flavours, from karaoke stints to beer-focused, sporting matches playing on TV to cocktail-heavy drink lists.

You’ll want to do a little wandering on your first evening out to see which bars best match your nightlife vibes. The bars tend to shut their doors or at least lower the music around midnight, so from there, it’s down to the clubs.

Along the waterfront, you’ll find a collection of big night clubs that attract the likes of international DJs and music-lovers. Similarly, if you want foam parties, fancy dress and a whole lot of dancing, you’ve come to the right place.

Best bars and clubs

Bar 1960 – Set in Kardemena’s main square, Bar 1960 is a crowd favourite for holidaymakers of all ages, with football on TV, a long list of cocktails and old school music.

Downtown – Downtown isn’t huge but has distinctly trendy vibes that turn easy-going nights into sunrise-watching parties – the music, energy and crowd Downtown attracts is that lively.

Starlight Club – Packing in more than 1,000 partygoers and with world-famous DJs on the roster, Starlight Club is Kardamena’s token epic spot, boasting big time dance floors and parties of all shapes and sizes.

Kos Town nightlife

Kos Town’s nightlife is of the same vein as Kardamena, with a wide variety of after-hours fun to choose from. A lot of the action is centred in town on the two main bar avenues, Diakon and Nafklirou, but you’ve also got a few beach bars to choose from as well.

What that basically means is that the parties here aren’t just for the nights – they get started early and spill into the evening until the sun comes back around again.

Walking around Kos Town at midnight, there’s a good chance you’ll still hear the leftovers of live music from tavernas and bars filtering out into the streets. Inside, you can cosy up in a historic building or amp up the energy with big time dance floors.

You won’t necessarily find the same selection of international DJs here as you would in Kardamena, but the flavours here are still strong enough to bring in ample crowds.

Best bars and clubs

Avra Lounge Bar – This lush bar might look tranquil in the day with its own private beach and cocktail service, but once those purple neon lights flick on come sundown, the real parties get started.

B-52 – Widely regarded as one of the best in Kos Town, B-52 goes all-out with its cocktails, especially its popular fishbowl, which is as epic – and massive – as it sounds.

Red Sky Bar – Stashed up on the roof of the Kipriotis Panorama Hotel, this swanky bar has all the amenities you’d expect from its name – views over the side of Kos Town and out to sea, plus a long list of cocktails and live music to match.