Last Minute Holidays to Las Vegas

The Entertainment Capital of the World is a realm of superb spontaneity, which is why last minute holidays to Las Vegas are always an exciting option. From the glitz and glamour of The Strip to the nearby magnificence of the Grand Canyon and Death Valley, Las Vegas offers endless adventures without any preplanning.

Las Vegas Last Minute Holidays

Viva Las Vegas anytime you desire

Impulsive antics are what Las Vegas is all about, and with a flight duration of 10 hours direct from the UK, you’ll have plenty of time in the air to plan the finer details.

The city roars with sensation all year round, so the best time to go is always this instant. Roulette wheels and blackjack games light up the night almost as much as uproarious music and dance numbers, together with avant garde performers like Cirque de Soleil and the Blue Man Group.

Beyond the Las Vegas Strip, a city of shopping and culture awaits, while the vast desert and the Grand Canyon beyond make for a sublime way to see some of Earth’s most majestic and photogenic landscapes. All you have to do is pack up, jet off and touch down in this city of opportunity.

The best time of year to book your last minute holiday

Las Vegas is popular all year round, although a savvy holidaymaker can still take advantage of some last minute deals. Prices take a tumble up to eight weeks ahead of the departure date – the industry’s definition of a last minute break.

Las Vegas gets especially busy around major calendar events like New Year’s Eve and other party moments, but altogether there’s so much glitz and glam to go around that staking your claim in this city is never difficult.

Other last minute holiday destinations

While Las Vegas might be the American king of entertainment, the United States has a sprawl of destinations in which couples, families, friends or even lone travellers can get the finest fun on the planet.

Florida instantly springs to mind for its theme parks, malls, sprawling beaches and entertainment shows, although that’s just a hop, skip and jump away from the Caribbean, where life is more laid-back but the sun never stops shining. For all of that with a touch of Aztec magic, try Mexico, whose vast beaches and zeal for life make for pristine last minute escapes.

Naturally, we still can’t recommend Las Vegas enough for a last minute break, which our Vegas travel guide makes clear. Check out our top hotel recommendations for further inspiration.