A guide to nightlife in Las Vegas

Las Vegas holidays and lively nightlife go together like strawberries and cream. The bright lights blaze from dusk til dawn, while the city’s reputation as the global entertainment capital entices top performers from around the globe. Las Vegas is no place to go if you’re after an early night, so take a look at our top picks for some unforgettable evenings in this truly definitive city.

Bound to electronica at Omnia

Vast and lit up like a particularly grand Christmas tree, Omnia in Caesar’s Palace is known across the world. Dancers and performers swing from the ceiling and groove on illuminated plinths among crowds of happy partygoers. The impressive central chandelier in the dance chamber moves to the rhythm of the music in a mesmerising way.

Omnia’s cool cocktails and selection of spirits keep lovers of vodka, rum, mojitos and more dancing until the break of dawn. With a roster of guest DJs that frequently sees Afrojack, Zedd, Calvin Harris and others bringing electronica to masses here, you can rest assured that the tunes are going to be top of the class.

Get classy at The Marquee

Top pop hits backed up by some classic EDM tracks make The Marquee far more spectacular than its name suggests. Parties here lean towards the outlandish, with a year-round pool housed in a dome offering a place to make a splash.

The circular dancing room makes you want to stick around for more, while there’s even a library room to explore. Rest assured though that this one is a little more lively than your standard reading room.

Show off some eastern chic at Tao

Calling itself a temple of nightlife, Tao’s club is open Thursday to Saturday, covering music of every taste. The lounge and restaurant welcome you every other evening so you can sample some of Far East Asia’s finest dishes before partying.

The exotic corridors are lined with rose petal waterways, while outdoors in summer is the classic Tao beach party complete with pool. With so much going on, it makes sense that a lot of people planning Las Vegas breaks make a point of stopping at mysterious and magnificent Tao more than once.

Get retro at Lax

Lax has gained a reputation for its throwback tunes as much as its affordable style, so it’s often one of the first places that partygoers in Las Vegas head for after touching down and checking in. The sounds of the 1980s and the 1990s are a consistent soundtrack to your life here, and the massive range of drinks and light bites definitely helps too.

Lax has seen a new lease of life in recent years thanks to a big refurbishment that has completely refreshed the venue without losing its original winning qualities. For that reason it’s one venue in Las Vegas that truly deserves some appreciation during your stay.

Get enticed by Intrigue

Intrigue is a new nightclub in the already bustling Las Vegas, yet it’s made such a big name for itself already that you’d be remiss not to check it out. Small yet stylish, it’s attracted all manner of famous guests in its time, including mysterious masked music masters like Marshmello and Deadmau5.

Projectors line the walls to add splashes of colour and vibrant patterns to an already gorgeous venue. If you’re up for views of the town you’ll never forget, the garden and pool area even lets you take the party out to the starlight.