Articles about Las Vegas

Planning a holiday to Las Vegas? Take a look at our articles for information about the city of lights including top free things to do in Vegas and the best themed hotels around. We have everything you could need to know for your next Vegas holiday, from a family’s guide to tips for visiting the Grand Canyon.

What to do in Las Vegas

Holidays to Las Vegas are all about entertainment, glitz, and having fun days and vibrant nights. The city has always attracted an interesting crowd of people, particularly flamboyant, creative individuals. This is probably why there are so many fascinating museums in Las Vegas. They reflect the stories and interests of the musicians, dancers, artists, gamblers and even mobsters who shaped this effervescent city.

Top Vegas hotels

Designed around countries, eras, landscapes and entertainment genres, when Vegas hotels choose a theme they really run with it. We’ve rounded up a selection of the best themed hotels in Las Vegas where you can enjoy world-beating entertainment all day every day, ride rollercoasters or gondolas, eat exquisite food from around the world, shop ’til you drop and simply be in awe of the architecture around you.

How to spend a week in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has its fair share of casinos, sure, but it’s got a heck of a lot more – days are easily wiled away at live shows, national parks and hotels so unique they’re practically museums. Here’s our itinerary for how to spend a week in Sin City.

A family guide to Las Vegas

Pipped at the post only by Florida for child friendly things to do in America, Las Vegas is a fine choice for a family holiday. Inside and out of the themed hotels are hundreds of options for family entertainment, while dining out has never been so easy or fun, with every cuisine and venue design covered.

Top free things to do in Vegas

Las Vegas is full of surprises and one of these is how many things you can see and do for free. From live music performances and exhibitions to places to sit surrounded by nature we’ve put together some of the top free things to do in and around town.