Club Candan

Quaint and traditional, with a charming lagoon pool at the heart of the resort, Club Candan boasts a central location and a chic interior style. The scene by the pool is inviting, with a restaurant alongside, and there’s another pool for the kids, complete with a multi-slide. The apartments have kitchens if you want to do your own thing, but the local bars and eateries are only a five-minute walk away. The centre of Marmaris is just a few minutes further, as is the beach – and if you fancy a night in, the restaurant hosts barbecues and belly-dancing shows.

Overview of Marmaris

Marmaris is a popular spot for people choosing holidays to Turkey, thanks to its pure stretches of soft sand, stunning historical architecture, and a buzzing nightlife scene. And one of the best places to enjoy all this is at the Club Candan. Marmaris Castle, on the edge of the water, is something you’d usually see on a picture postcard, and the gorgeous marina is a sight to behold too – and there’s a lot going on there, particularly at night. As the water is so clean and clear, it’s a great spot for snorkelling and diving, and, keeping with the water theme, there are two water parks for you to visit, as well. Just the job.

Things to do in Marmaris

Marmaris Beach is the place to be while you’re staying at the Club Candan. Aside from all the sun-basking, there are the epic water sports – jet-skiing, diving and parasailing are all options. The Atlantis and Aquadream water parks are perfect for a family day out, but if you’re feeling cultural, there’s plenty of history to take in. There’s Marmaris Castle of course, along with the Nimara Cave on Heaven Island, believed to be dedicated to the goddess Leto. There are always the bustling Old Town markets too, where you can snag anything, from unique souvenirs to branded sportswear. Steeped in history and boasting an enviable waterside location, Marmaris is an idyllic place to spend your holiday. Whether you’re looking for vibrant nightlife, family fun and lazing on the beach or want to explore the legacy of Turkey’s past, you’ll find everything you need in this beautiful part of the world.

Resort Summary

The unblemished stretches of sand which make up the coastline have been accredited with Blue Flag status, while the crowning jewel of Marmaris Castle sits above the shoreline in imposing splendour. In fact, it was from here that the famous admiral Horatio Nelson organised an assault on the French at the tail-end of the 18th century, meaning there is plenty for history buffs to explore as well.

Marmaris’ strategic location on the Turkish coast makes it the ideal hub for taking a cruise or catching a ferry to locations further afield. The picturesque marina – particularly dazzling at night-time – is near some of the clearest waters you’ll ever set eyes on, making for some spectacular scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities.