Candan Apartments

Just a few hundred metres from the Marmaris resort centre and an even shorter walk to the beach, the Candan Apartments are a conveniently located base, with plenty of amenities that guarantee guest comfort. A large central pool with waterside bar is the main focal point of the Candan Apartments complex, with plenty of loungers on the terrace and a stylish restaurant to be found inside. The fresh bedrooms are suitably comfortable and modern. However, with a host of shops, restaurants and bars a stone’s throw away, you’re unlikely to spend more time in them than you need to.

Overview of Marmaris

Once you know how much holidays to Turkey offer, you’ll be hard-pressed to ever want to go anywhere else again. From ancient culture and archaeology to stunning beaches, spectacular food and beautiful weather, Turkey is the full package in terms of unforgettable getaway destinations. Marmaris, found in the Dalaman Region, is a diverse area that combines old and new in perfect harmony. Marmaris is home to amazing nightlife options, rubbing shoulders with historic sites and picture-perfect beaches in a bid to create a unique holiday experience for everyone who visits. Whether you want relaxation or excitement, you’ll find it in Marmaris.

Things to do in Marmaris

Marmaris Castle is open to the public as a historic site and museum, so take a trip here to learn more about the culture and history. You’ll have to scale steep, narrow streets to get to the castle, but it’s well worth it. A daily covered market can be found close to the castle, selling everything from spices to shawls. It’s the perfect place to snap up some authentically Turkish souvenirs. Rumour has it that there are more than 1,000 restaurants in Marmaris, so you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice, but for a special meal, head to the marina. With gorgeous sea views and the freshest seafood on offer, you’ll have an unforgettable time. Whether you want to discover the local history at the castle or simply kick back and relax on a lounger by the Candan Apartments pool, you’ll love holidaying in Marmaris. The unique combination of beaches, restaurants, nightlife and historic sites will allow you to make many holiday memories to treasure.

Resort Summary

The unblemished stretches of sand which make up the coastline have been accredited with Blue Flag status, while the crowning jewel of Marmaris Castle sits above the shoreline in imposing splendour. In fact, it was from here that the famous admiral Horatio Nelson organised an assault on the French at the tail-end of the 18th century, meaning there is plenty for history buffs to explore as well.

Marmaris’ strategic location on the Turkish coast makes it the ideal hub for taking a cruise or catching a ferry to locations further afield. The picturesque marina – particularly dazzling at night-time – is near some of the clearest waters you’ll ever set eyes on, making for some spectacular scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities.