A guide to the best restaurants in Fethiye

Some of the top restaurants in Turkey can be found in Fethiye. Turkish cuisine takes its cues from the country’s uniquely multicultural history. Although exploring Fethiye can work up an appetite, the food you’ll find here won’t see you hungry for long. Turkish mezzes always make for fine dining in the sunshine, and you’re bound to be fond of midye dolma, cooked mussels stuffed with spicy rice. On the sugary side of the scale, try some simit. These sesame seed bread rings are dunked in molasses for some extra sticky sweetness.

Feel like royalty at King's Garden Restaurant

King’s Garden Restaurant is perched high above Fethiye, meaning you can enjoy a meal with magnificent views. It serves a variety of dishes, from traditional mezzes to sweet chilli chicken. The owner has been known to pick up customers and escort them to his establishment personally – yet another unique experience you can take advantage of on your Dalaman holiday.

Food with a view at ADA Restaurant

Everyone loves sea views over dinner, and at ADA you can enjoy them from the cliffs of Sovalye Island. The menu factors in everything from European cuisine to Turkish favourites, while the romantic ambience is almost otherworldly.

Get stuffed at Mozaik Bahce

If you’re on a cheap holiday to Turkey and are after portions so huge they barely fit on the crockery, head down to Mozaik Bahce in Fethiye’s centre. Food ranges from vegetarian options through to huge vats of stew, enticing houmous and home-cooked kebabs, with pitta bread that melts on the tongue.

A true classic at Kebap Time

Nobody can resist a good kebab, and those served at Kebap Time are among Turkey’s greatest. You’ll instantly recognise this venue by its striking red and white striped awning, but don’t worry, the menu has plenty of variety besides kebabs. In fact, the mezzes here combine low cost with strong flavours, so don’t miss out.

A taste of home at The Brothers Restaurant & Bar

Sometimes we just get the urge for a fry-up. Stop by The Brothers Restaurant & Bar in Fethiye, where not only are the full English breakfasts hot, huge and hearty, but the drinks are cool and refreshing. Plus, the service is fast and friendly too.

So nice they named it twice... Cafe Cafe

Tucked away in central Fethiye, Cafe Cafe has become a local favourite. The front area of the building has a cosy coffee shop feel, but most visitors opt for the back room, which opens onto a garden. The kofte selections alone are noted for being adventurous, blending the Turkish staple with some international styles and flavours. Cafe Cafe also has a rather extensive sushi menu for those looking for something a little different.

Traditional fare at Kardesim Manti

If you’ve not tried Turkey’s signature dish manti before, a visit to spacious and airy Kardesim Manti is a good plan. Although the menu’s very varied, it’s the mix of meat, spices and garlic yoghurt that keeps diners coming back.

Rustic romance at Yesil Asma Yapragi

Affordable tradition with a modern twist is the best way to sum up Yesil Asma Yapragi. It’s a pretty new restaurant, but has already gained a massive following. Rice dishes, rustic minced meats and lashing of bread and stew define the menu, after all nothing beats home-cooked Turkish favourites.

Never go hungry at Seckin Restaurant

This 24-hour venue keeps your table full at all hours. Rich flavours and colours dance in the bain maries that are brought out for your delight, making every meal here a true family affair.

Brighten things up at Kukina Caferia

This famous Fethiye street where colourful umbrellas hang high above the paved walkway, hides a wonderful secret. Tucked between two shops is the doorway to Kukina Caferia, which is where you’ll find the garden dining area. As you walk in you’ll see cobbled floors and a mish-mash of furnishings, giving the place a real Mediterranean feel.