A guide to the best restaurants in Turgutreis

With its cultural background backed by a growing reputation as a tourist destination, both the traditional dishes you’d expect to find on Turkey holidays and more international foods can be found in Turgutreis. There’s a surprising amount of variety for such a small town, so make sure you take the time to dine at some of our favourite spots.

Succulent beachfront meals at Uncles Restaurant

Uncles Restaurant is one of the most famous dining destinations in Turgutreis, with both locals and holidaymakers flocking to its tables. The menu runs from home-cooked Turkish fare right through to Mexican, Italian and British choices, with a touch of European and even Chinese food too.

Kebabs at Nazar after a day at the market

People come from far and wide to take part in the weekend markets in Turgutreis, where haggling and bargain-hunting rule the day. But once the hubbub is over, Nazar – a restaurant overlooking the market square – is a popular choice for a late lunch. You can expect to find delicious local cuisine, but also a wide range of vegetarian options, including some spectacular salads.

Take a slice of flavour from Sunger Pizza

As the name suggests, there’s plenty of hot pepperoni, ham and pineapple or cheese-feast special to enjoy at Sunger Pizza, but the menu contains more than its name suggests. This is not some fast-food dive, so make sure you enjoy some of the treats on offer.

Have a fry-up at Cool Breeze Restaurant

Sometimes, there’s only one real way to start your day – eggs, sausages, beans, fried bread and some hot streaky bacon. That’s the kind of breakfast they specialise in at Cool Breeze Restaurant, although it’s far from the only speciality on the menu.

Eat like a local in Degirmen Lokantasi

They say that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. It stands to reason then that, when on your Bodrum holiday, you should take some time to eat in a traditional place like Degirmen Lokantasi. Sleek white walls and modern furniture complement the home-cooked cuisine, and it’s said that Turkish expats visiting Turgutreis make a beeline for here when they want a meal like mother used to make. It’s also vegetarian-friendly.

Take a view of the bay over lunch at La Villa

A mixture of European and traditional local dishes make up the menu of La Villa Restaurant, and the views of the bay are the ideal dinner companions for the extensive seafood menu. Prawns, shrimps, seafood salads and fish steaks are joined by roast chicken, a range of desserts and some refreshing drinks. Sunsets of rich orange and sumptuous purple will cap off your day nicely.

Savour the seclusion of Fatma Bacinin Yeri

You know you can trust a family-owned restaurant, and among those located in Turgutreis, Fatma Bacinin Yeri is definitely one of the most famous. It makes sense that that’s the case though – this place is tucked away by some shops, but definitely puts love, pride and passion into every one of the Mediterranean and Turkish meals on its menu. Add some warm hospitality to the equation, and you’ll feel like a treasured guest at the family table.

Pub grub at Marcos

Chances are you’ll be out on the town more than once during your stay in Turgutreis, and with a massive roster of drinks, a frequent quiz night and a cheerful number of Brits enjoying the ambience, Marcos is a slice of home while you’re away. The menu includes beef stir fry, a good old Sunday roast and some classic bacon butties, although there are a few more exotic dishes available as well.

Expand your Mediterranean horizons at Ristorante Italiano

Italy has given us some of the greatest meals on Earth. Luckily, you’ll be able to enjoy risotto, lasagne, pizza, pasta and bolognese aplenty in Ristorante Italiano, together with the warm hospitality you’d expect from that environment.

Sample some seafood at Sunset Restaurant

There’s nothing like a hot plate of fresh fish at a beach-front restaurant, and the warm and inviting lights of Sunset Restaurant have welcomed many a weary traveller to do just that. From sea bass and barbecued octopus right through to rice dishes and some cool, refreshing drinks, there’s much to choose from.