A guide to food and drink in Hammamet

The dishes and drinks of Hammamet‘s restaurants are among the best you’ll find on holidays in Tunisia. Although it’s welcomed tourism with open arms, it’s also got plenty of home cooking and rustic recipes, and that means that restaurants here mix modern and classic style to superb effect. There are also a fair few international dining options if you know where to look.

Exploring Hammamet's delicacies

As with elsewhere in Tunisia, lamb and seafood are at home on your plate in Hammamet, although local recipes twist up classic dishes with ease.

The classic brik, the pastry of choice in Tunisia, is as often filled with traditional egg as with fish in Hammamet. While more robust dishes, like kefta meatballs, provide a hearty helping of simmering meats, onions, vegetables and spices, commonly served with classic cous cous.

Whatever your favoured flavour, make sure you look at some of our favourite restaurants ahead of your adventures in Hammamet.

Sample fresh fish at Time Out Restaurant

Cheap yet wholesome, the fish here leans towards the catch of the day, with plenty more to eat if you’re looking beyond the treasures of the deep.

In cosy surroundings, you can tuck into a prawn salad or enjoy a bowl of fresh pasta. Pizza can also be found on the menu to keep the kids appeased, plus the breakfasts here are one of the hidden treasures of Hammamet, offering huge portions at fair prices.

Dine by the beach at Condor

Recently refurbished, Condor is making almost as many waves as the sea it rests beside. You’ll recognise its clean brickwork and will soon find yourself nestled in the clean and pristine arched interior or out in its gorgeous stoned-fringed courtyard.

Condor serves a superb mix of Tunisian classics, fresh fish dishes and hot snacks. Better still, despite its sublime appearances, this venue offers a takeaway alternative if you want to grab your meal to eat on the beach.

Enjoy the view at Sidi Bouhdid

Exotic, tastefully decorated and with a tan-stoned courtyard that firmly places you in traditional Hammamet, Sidi Bouhdid is a feast for the senses. Fortunately its dishes also provide a feast, all for reasonable prices, letting you dine on Tunisian favourites and a wide-ranging dessert menu for after.

The coffee is strong and the sea views guarantee your amazement, especially come sunset.

Find some treasures at Germaine

As you arrive, you’ll marvel at the old wooden arch door and wonder what awaits behind it. Well, what you get is a hoarder’s dream decked out in antiques, collectibles and knick-knacks from every era. From sculptures and lanterns to arts and rugs, it’s all here to explore.

The menu leans towards crepes and French favourites with some Tunisian classics added to the mix, and the selection of teas makes for relaxed evenings in the courtyard. You’ll come for the light bites and stay for the scenery here.

Indulge your sweet tooth at Le Canari

Banana splits, massive jugs of ice cream, huge sundaes and crepes piled with cream are par for the course on your Tunisia holidays at the light-hearted Le Canari.

Rich flavours backed up by robust coffees make this a firm favourite among both visitors and locals, while seating in the street is a great option when watching the world go by.

If you’re a little more health conscious, or living a vegetarian lifestyle, the paninis and freshly made fruit smoothies here are the real way to go. Whether you opt for healthy eating or sweet treats galore, you can expect generous portions and big smiles all round.