Sweden Holidays 2024/2025

Sweden is the largest of the Scandinavian countries with some of the most exquisite beaches in Europe, crystal clear lakes and luscious green forests. With a small population of just over ten million, Sweden has plenty of grounds to explore without the usual holiday crowds.


The Nordic dream

It’s thought that Sweden is one of the most care-free places to live with Swedes having a liberal and open-attitude to almost everything. Sounds pretty cool, right? A holiday to Sweden would be a dream for nature lovers and adventure seekers with more than half of Sweden’s land being forests, it’s calling for you to get those hiking boots on.

The Northern Lights are visible from Sweden during the winter months between December and February and it can be the perfect romantic date with the astonishing greeny-blue shimmer lighting up the sky. You may catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights for a few minutes or if you’re lucky several hours.

Sweden offers another natural wonder during the early summer months for sun worshipers too. The Midnight Sun gets better and better the further North you travel, essentially it’s where the sun doesn’t set and at the most Northern point, you can see the Midnight Sun for 55 days! How about hitting 18 holes or completing a triathlon under the Midnight Sun?


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  • Exploring Sweden

    Sweden holidays are the perfect destination for outdoor lovers all year round. Snap stunning pictures with the sun beaming down on you while your toes sink into the soft sands or feel the fresh air gliding past your face as you ski down the snow covered mountains. Sweden is certainly the best of both worlds with plenty of historical landmarks as well as futuristic architecture – you don’t get that just anywhere!

    Stockholm, the country’s capital, is built across 14 islands and has a distinctive look with cobblestone streets and vibrant coloured buildings. You certainly won’t be stuck for things to do here with 13 Michelin star restaurants to try out, world class museums, and a vibrant club scene. Across Sweden there’s plenty to explore and try out, it’s an all-rounded destination perfect for all tastes and ages.

    Midsummer solstice

    If a day-long party with flowers in your hair and dancing and singing all around sounds like a bit of you, then head to Sweden for your summer holiday. Midsummer is always celebrated between the 19th to the 25th June and is the longest day of the year. The Midsummer solstice was originally held to welcome in the summer and the season of fertility and Swedes will often travel to the countryside to celebrate with family and friends. What’s better than celebrating summer in a place where the sun doesn’t set?

    If you’re looking for the full experience, some Swedes dress up in traditional Swedish folk clothes, listen to folk music and dance around a decorated maypole. Stockholm doesn’t spare anything for Midsummer, with all the traditional festivities possible from folk dancing to wreath making, the celebrations can last several days.


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