Tossa De Mar Holidays 2024/2025

From its gorgeous seaside abundant with water sporting activities and relaxation-ready sands, to an old town lined with medieval ruins, Tossa de Mar has a lot to flaunt. Visitors flock here during holidays to Costa Brava for a restful holiday filled with good food and good fun underneath warm Spanish rays. Tossa de Mar is also bordered by a lush forest, so hikers and bikers can get their nature fix too.

Tossa De Mar Holiday Deals

Spanish shores

Tossa de Mar is home to three beaches surrounded by scenic rocky cliffs – the Platja Gran, La Mar Menuda and El Codolar. The largest is the Platja Gran, whose long, sweeping shores buzz with the sound of water sports and boating excursions just off the coast.

Needless to say, there are ample opportunities for all-day sunbathing. Plus, with cafes and ice cream shops just off the waterfront, you won’t have to look far for a quick treat to cool off with. It’s even easy to appreciate the nearby historic sites from your towel, as the Tossa de Mar Castle towers high on a distant cliff top. More subdued beachside experiences await on the shores of La Mar Menuda, whose quieter sands are great for lounging on.

Historic strolls

Tossa de Mar’s rich history and culture lies around every corner. Visitors can get an idea of the town’s vibrant past just by strolling through the walled city, whose structures date back to the 14th century. In the remarkably-preserved old quarters – the ‘Villa Vella’ – narrow cobbled streets wind all the way up to the castle overlooking the rest of the town. Here you can explore the medieval perimeter, whose walls are lit up by night and are often lined with performers such as opera singers and live musicians.

Inside the Municipal Museum are excellent examples of Spanish culture throughout history, from pieces of contemporary art by artists who used to holiday nearby to local archaeological finds. Even churches like the 18th century Parish Church are modern marvels, as its grounds are rumoured to be large enough to hold the entire population of Tossa de Mar.

Local attractions

This quiet spot is often favoured by couples who are looking for a peaceful retreat, but whoever you’re travelling with there’s plenty to keep everyone amused. Families looking for All Inclusive holidays to Costa Brava will also enjoy it here, as there are a wide range of attractions to suit all ages. Children love the road trains that run through town towards the castle and you’ll enjoy the fact that you don’t have to take the steep walk.

Barcelona is within easy reach by train to visit its cultural and artistic sites or indulge in some shopping. You might also like to cool down at the giant Water World water park or see the dolphin and sea lion shows at Marineland, just along the coast.

Coastal flavours

Like most towns in Costa Brava, Tossa de Mar’s culinary scene is something of a European melting pot, with spices and flavours from all over the world. Naturally, you’ll most often find Spanish food here. Diners can get a taste of the local Catalan cuisine at a number of eateries dishing out fresh paella, seafood-heavy entrées and tapas made from locally-sourced produce. As an added bonus, most restaurants come with stunning views, from the historic streets of the Villa Vella and nearby castle, or the Mediterranean Sea sweeping out into the distance.

By night

While you won’t find an all-night party scene in Tossa de Mar – for that there’s Barcelona, just a short trip down the coast – there are plenty of relaxed bars to choose from. Outdoor terraces dot the waterfront, so you can raise your glass to a fun-filled holiday underneath the stars. For a romantic meal try the intimate gardens of the aptly named Romantic Bar, complete with a glass of fine Spanish wine. There’s even a speciality gin and tonic bar, Bar Kars, where G&T enthusiasts can mix and match alcohol with favourite fruity flavours.


A great number of shops are tucked away in unassuming side streets weaving through the Villa Vella, so keep your eyes peeled. Otherwise in town, there’s a major market held every Thursday. Locals gather here for fresh produce and meats, while visitors can look through clothes, jewellery and craft goods to find an authentic souvenir to bring home.

If you’re keen to sample all that the beautiful region of Tossa de Mar has to offer, be sure to check out our great range of Costa Brava holiday packages.


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