Sumus Hotel Stella Spa

The Sumus Hotel Stella Spa perfectly combines a close-to-the-beach location with a top-drawer spa. As a result, this hotel puts a big tick in the relaxation column.

Although the highly-rated spa takes most of the plaudits here, the lagoon-style pool and the buffet restaurant are also worth writing home about.

Next to the pool, there’s even a hot tub, while sunloungers and palm trees also dot the perimeter. Little ones have their own shallow pool and, if you’re feeling peckish, an al fresco snack bar serves light bites and ice creams.

During the day, you can play football on dry land or try your hand at kayaking on the beach. In the bar in the evening, live music’s always on the agenda.

Overview of Pineda de Mar

Pineda de Mar is a sleepy gem on the north-eastern coast of Spain. Increasingly popular with families looking for holidays to Costa Brava, the gorgeous waterfront here is lined with restaurants, while the town’s streets effortlessly blend modern amenities with historical buildings.

A peaceful resort town, Pineda de Mar provides a serious amount of rest and relaxation. Gorgeous examples of architecture are all over the town, with the skyline consisting of buildings that date to the 14th century.

Away from the old part of town, child-friendly attractions draw in families of all ages. From waterparks to markets, there’s plenty to experience and enjoy.

Things to do in Pineda de Mar

If you leave the Sumus Hotel Stella Spa, you’ll reach Pineda de Mar Beach in only five minutes. There’s a great mixture of action-packed and laid-back sections down here in summer, while the seafront is also flush with restaurants, shops and bars.

Further afield, there’s a great range of family-friendly activities in the centre of Pineda de Mar. Marineland is a dolphinarium and water park where the whole family can watch shows and splash around but, if you’re looking for something that will get the heart beating a little bit faster, head to Water World where you’ll encounter some of the largest slides in Costa Brava.

The whole family will fall in love with Pineda de Mar. During your stay at the Sumus Hotel Stella Spa, it will be difficult to tell whether the children or the parents are enjoying it more.

Resort Summary

Pineda de Mar’s ancient history isn’t just locked away in a dark museum, available to view only on certain days. With gorgeous examples of 17th and 19th century architecture, as well as some dating as far back as the 14th century, making up the town’s skyline, reminders are embedded on nearly every street.

Strolling through town, visitors are treated to sites that whisk them back to old world Spain. The red-roofed Church of Santa Maria was built in 1079 and reconstructed in the 14th and 15th centuries. The 4th century viaduct that crosses the Pineda River serves as an illustration of the town’s time under Roman occupation. Four of its arches still stand today, and are considered to be a national treasure.