Pineda De Mar Holidays 2024/2025

Pineda de Mar is a sleepy gem on the north eastern coast of Spain. The gorgeous waterfront is lined with restaurants that serve up Catalan treats and British sweets, and the town’s streets blend modern amenities with historical buildings – some of which date back to the 14th century.

Pineda De Mar Holiday Deals

Historic beauty

Pineda de Mar’s ancient history isn’t just locked away in a dark museum, available to view only on certain days. With gorgeous examples of 17th and 19th century architecture, as well as some dating as far back as the 14th century, making up the town’s skyline, reminders are embedded on nearly every street.

Strolling through town, visitors are treated to sites that whisk them back to old world Spain. The red-roofed Church of Santa Maria was built in 1079 and reconstructed in the 14th and 15th centuries. The 4th century viaduct that crosses the Pineda River serves as an illustration of the town’s time under Roman occupation. Four of its arches still stand today, and are considered to be a national treasure.

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  • An idyllic coast

    While the town is laden with historical sites sought after by tourists, it’s no doubt that the beach is the main attraction. Stretching out for five-kilometres, Pineda de Mar’s shore is a soothing spot to unroll your towel and get your tan on. A fair number of bars and restaurants lie close-by, so grabbing a quick drink or bite to eat midday won’t mean leaving behind that prime patch of sand you’ve begun to call home.

    The region’s warm climate makes lounging on the waterfront a year-round activity. Lightly lapping waves along Pineda de Mar’s coast are usually one of two things – the background to your afternoon snooze, or the playground on which you try out the water activities.

    Things liven up atop the gentle waves with a great range of water sports including windsurfing, kayaking, sailing and catamaran rides. You can even embark on cruises traversing down the coast, catching unrivalled views of Pineda de Mar’s hilly waterfront.

    Catalan cuisine

    Over the years Costa Brava holidays have garnered a reputation for being a culinary delight, owing to the area’s fair share of gourmet restaurants. And there’s no shortage of amazing food in Pineda de Mar, either. The town presents a fantastic spread, which includes restaurants and cuisines from all over the world.

    Tapas is the chosen fare of the region, with traditional Catalan dishes at places like Restaurant Diagonal and a seafood-heavy menu at Can Formiga. If you aren’t feeling especially adventurous, there are options like the Buccaneer Pub and Burger Tavern, who specialise in more familiar dishes like burgers and pizza.

    Calm evenings

    You won’t find neon lights and rows of clubs in this laid-back town, but you will find a number of beachside spots to grab a drink and relax along the waterfront. They include the Tiare Beach Bar, whose stunning views go well with a mojito. The more lively open air Aruba Beach Bar brings the volume up as visitors dance until the early morning.

    Though there aren’t a massive array of late night bars, but its laid-back vibe means that it’s the perfect spot to find cheap holidays to Costa Brava. There’s also a direct train to Barcelona from Pineda de Mar should you wish to party all night like the Spaniards.

    Authentic Pineda

    With such an incredible history and culture, Pineda de Mar has a lot to offer and is ideal for families seeking All Inclusive holidays to Costa Brava. You will find handcrafted traditional goods that hint to the past at the weekly market, which stretches along the coast. Of course, there’s room for new traditions, too. Take for example the brilliantly quirky Psychobilly festival. It’s a punky, wildly colourful music fest, which has attracted rock fans every summer for the last 20 years.

    Within reach

    The direct railway line running through Pineda de Mar connects to destinations like Barcelona, making day trips to the bustling city’s vibrant culture, beaches and world-famous nightlife a stress-free option for a day out.

    Also nearby are family favourite activities like the aquatic zoo Marineland, where kids of all ages can watch shows with dolphins and sea lions, as well as feed some of the ocean creatures themselves. And don’t forget Water World – a waterpark whose sky high slides and raft river provide an expert blend of heart-racing and leisurely outdoor activities.


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