A guide to the best restaurants in Pineda De Mar

Pineda de Mar‘s wealth of restaurants bring a wide range of cuisine to those enjoying holidays in Costa Brava. Spanish food, sometimes with a Mediterranean twist, meets back-home favourites. Foodies will find themselves in tapas heaven while the less adventurous dine on equally delicious burgers and pizzas spiced with local flavours. The restaurants here make a priority of using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients like seafood from the Mediterranean and produce from the mountains, ensuring their dishes are of the highest quality.

Cheap and tasty tapas at Ca l'Aureli

Located beside the railway station, this tapas restaurant keeps things simple. Only fresh, locally-sourced ingredients using simple recipes are cooked to perfection by the owner himself. The difficult thing here is deciding what to order, but supremely affordable prices make trying a little bit of everything only a very minor hit to your wallet. Just remember to arrive early in the evening, as it fills up with locals as the night goes on.

English style snacks and meals at Buccaneer Pub

The Buccaneer Pub is a little English joint on the Spanish coast with classic British bites and curries. Visitors here can find a tiny taste of home from steaks to snacks and cakes, with a cold drink or mug of tea and their local sports teams playing on televisions around the clock.

A never-ending menu at Restaurant Diagonal

Restaurant Diagonal is a prime spot for picky eaters or foodies looking to fully explore Spanish cuisine, as it offers an extensive range of local dishes. The menu includes everything from traditional tapas to paella, delicious seafood choices and pastas to fresh salads, all of which can be enjoyed inside or on the restaurant’s outdoor patio.

Seafood focused at Restaurante Marisqueria PEPET

The fish counter at the front of this restaurant might indicate what its speciality is – seafood, of course. This includes everything from garlic prawns to paella, monkfish to lobster, all served virtually straight from the Mediterranean. For the less seafood-inclined, there are options like steak and chicken, plus cocktails and pitchers of sangria that suit just about everyone.

Worth finding for affordable Catalan at Can Formiga

The Can Formiga might be off the beaten path, but its menu certainly isn’t. This spot dishes up delicious traditional Catalan food. Think healthy doses of fish and meat that’ll have you feeling extra close to your surroundings as you dine. The affordable prices make this restaurant virtually unmissable – you can feast on a starter, main and dessert plus coffee, with a bottle of water and wine for only €21 per person.

A tapas pitstop at Taberna Vasca Pepet 2

Sister restaurant to the popular Restaurante Marisqueria PEET (which is just across the street), the Taberna Vasca specialises in fast-paced tapas with a high quality taste. The locations is excellent for nipping in for tapas before a big meal elsewhere. The service here is a little different than most neighbouring restaurants, in that waiters move around with trays filled with tapas, which diners are welcome to take from as they like. At the end of the night, you’re charged based on how many empty sticks you’ve feasted from.

Beachside brunch at SABOR é A TE

Located not far from the shore, this cafe-like spot is ideally positioned for those in search of a place to grab a quality bite to eat on the way to the beach. The menu ranges from local delights like seafood platters to pizza and sandwiches, plus brunch dishes like bagels and scrambled eggs.

Sea views at a snip at Domestic

When we say Domestic is an upscale restaurant, we mean in atmosphere, quality of food and Mediterranean Sea views. The only aspect that isn’t upscale about this eatery is the price, which remains incredibly affordable. Here, diners enjoy top seafood choices, flavourful house wines and a rotating menu, so that when you dine here multiple times throughout your holiday, you’ll barely notice.

Romantic patio serenading at Can Josep

The street view of Can Josep makes the restaurant look unassuming at first, but visions change as you step inside, with its rustic Spanish décor and outdoor patio almost completely shaded with ivy. Meat and seafood are the name of this family-run restaurant’s game – though they do also do crowd favourites like pizza. Can Josep often features live traditional music to provide a light soundtrack to your dining experience.

Beachfront burgers and more at Burger Tavern

Don’t let the name fool you – yes, the Burger Tavern is a great spot to grab much-loved fare like burgers, pizza and chips, but also on its menu are Catalan tapas and a wide variety of drinks all available to enjoy inside or on the outdoor patio. If you want good food in an idyllic, beach setting this could be the place for you.