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Lloret De Mar

Lloret De Mar Holidays

A popular beach destination on the Costa Brava coastline, Lloret de Mar holidays provide scenic surroundings, exciting attractions and a vibrant nightlife for visitors to enjoy.

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Something for everyone

One of the busiest and largest resorts in Spain during peak seasons, it won't feel overcrowded with enough space and attractions to keep everyone happy.

There are a total of 13 beaches and coves to choose from in and around Lloret de Mar so there is plenty of opportunity to relax. You can take it slow by walking through the town's nature garden too.

Kids can go wild at the water or the adventure park, 18-30s will love the club scene here while older visitors will appreciate the historic structures and monuments; holidays to Lloret de Mar can satisfy any group of visitors.

Quick Tips

  • Roman Catholic
  • Euro
  • Catalan
  • GMT + 1

Over a dozen beaches

Many of Lloret de Mar's beaches are Blue Flag winners which recognise the safety and cleanliness of the area. If you see the symbol waving above a beach you know it's a safe place for kids to paddle or swim in the water.

The 13 beaches accessible from the resort make up 10km of coastline and there is a great selection for visitors to enjoy. Lloret Beach is found in the centre of town and offers a long kilometre and a half to spread out on. Surrounding this central strip are more fantastic beaches including Fenals Beach, Cala Boadella and Santa Cristina Beach.

Just out of town is Sa Caleta, a small sandy beach squeezed in by rocky patches. The most notable feature of this space is the Castle of San Joan which looks over the sunbathers. You can also tour the insides if you want to learn more or just enjoy the shade.

See and do it all

If you've finished beach hopping and found the right one for you, you're likely to find dozens of opportunities to try out a number of water sports. There are a couple of diving centres offering scuba qualifications and equipment rental, or you can try to keep your head above water on a jet ski, surfboard or even on a catamaran cruise.

One of Costa Brava's most beautiful areas is the Santa Clotilde Gardens in Lloret de Mar. The gardens are over 100 years old but they are not showing their age yet with colourful flowers, towering trees and long pathways through vibrantly green fauna. It is said to be the finest example of Catalan landscape gardening.

Leisurely activities include a number of museums, castles, churches and a manmade biotope but fidgety visitors will want to enjoy something more exhilarating. Water World the largest waterpark in Europe is filled with large slides, rides and wave pools. If you want to stay dry then head to the Arbe Aventura Park where you can jump, swing and zip-line between tree top platforms through the forest.

Best nightlife in Costa Brava

There are dozens of bars and clubs to experience after dark. There are plenty of places to lie back in and enjoy a quiet evening but Lloret de Mar is known as the nightlife capital of Costa Brava so there is always a party to join when you're ready.

The clubs are filled with visitors from all over Europe but language won't matter when the music is cranked up and everyone fills the dancefloor. Some of the highlights include Tropics, Colossos and Moef Gaga. Most of the clubs cost around €10 to enter but you often get a couple of free drinks inside.

Great shopping facilities

Many of the beaches have great facilities behind and this is where you'll find the best shops in Lloret de Mar. You can purchase beach gear, souvenirs and snacks from the many gift shops by the sand.

Elsewhere you're offered a wide array of retail opportunities with dozens of clothing stores, accessories, children's shops and many home stores too. Night shopping is available from May to September.

Sa Xarxa

There are almost 200 different eateries to sample in Lloret de Mar so you can afford to be picky.

There are some upmarket restaurants in ostentatious settings like the Restaurant Sant Pere de Bosc where you must book long in advance to get a table. Alternatively you can find some hidden gems along some narrow streets like La Parilla or La Pampa Steakhouse.

Sa Xarxa is lauded as being one of the finest restaurants in Lloret de Mar. Not just because of its fine foods but also for its massive selection of spirits and liquor as well as the wine, beer and cocktails.

A large resort town

Landing at Gerona Airport means all that stands between you and holiday satisfaction is a short 25 minute drive to Lloret de Mar.

There are four taxi ranks in the town which keeps everyone moving and there is an extensive public bus service too. The busses can take you to the airport, Tossa de Mar, Barcelona and more.

There are car rental companies here if you want to get around on your own time and the nearest train station is in Blanes, 15 minutes away.

Best time of year to visit

Lloret de Mar's average temperatures peak at 23C during July and August but the midday temperatures often push towards 30C.

There are many celebrations and events held in the town throughout the year, no matter when you visit you're likely to stumble across a fiesta of some kind. The most popular include the Rally Costa Brava race, the Americanos Fair and the February Carnival.