Praslin holidays 2024/2025

Bundles of soft white shores and lush tropical forests set the scene for Praslin Island holidays. Floating in the middle of the Indian Ocean, is an island that’s so beautiful it’s often dubbed as “paradise on Earth”. With a sleepy nature and laid-back vibe, Praslin is still largely undeveloped and therefore perfect for relaxing! Spend your days sunbathing on some of the world’s best beaches and exploring the depths of a thriving UNESCO listed forest – one of only two World Heritage Sites throughout the whole archipelago.

Praslin Island Holiday Deals

A little piece of paradise

A holiday to Praslin Island is nothing other than a delight! Despite being the second biggest island in the Seychelles, it has a fraction of the population providing a sleepy haven for those seeking a secluded retreat.

White powder sands, swaying palm trees and the calming turquoise blue waters of the ocean, will for the most part be your home base during a holiday to the Seychelles. Praslin beaches really are the crème de la crème! One-of-a-kind beauties, Anse Lazio and Anse Geogette, frequently make appearances on the lists of top ten best beaches around the world. It’s these that you’d see splashed across postcards showing off all their undeniable prettiness!

These beaches are also some of the top snorkelling spots among the islands with another world of beauty beneath the surface. Swim alongside the turtle residents, past huge shoals of the most colourful fish and around vibrant rare coral reefs. – With views from all directions there’s no place in the world we’d rather be, with nothing more to do other than sip refreshing beverages, soak up the sun, and be at one with our thoughts.

The Garden of Eden

The UNESCO-protected Vallee de Mai is not only legendary for its beauty, but also for its place in history. It’s said that when British army officer General Gordon of Khartoum visited in 1881, he claimed he’d found the original Garden of Eden! One of only two places in the world where you’ll find coco der mer palm trees, the coconuts of which are also known as “love nuts” and these became an instant commodity for the land. They’re actually considered an aphrodisiac in Asian cultures, and these are what made the Europeans think they’d stumbled upon the original forbidden fruit in the real Garden of Eden.

Holiday to Praslin Island and experience the myths of the legend and whilst you’re there be sure to look up to the treetops – you may just spot a rare black parrot perched among the branches.

Island hop to meet Aldabra giant tortoises

One of the beauties of Praslin’s location is that it comes with easy access to neighbouring smaller islands – great for hopping around on your Seychelles holiday. Curieuse Island is one of its neighbours and is completely uninhabited by humans. If you wish to witness something entirely unique and truly remarkable, you need to make plans to travel here! As a protected bio-reserve, the island is wild and wonderful. Bustling with diverse flora and fauna, along with another famous pristine Seychelles beach. However the real joy is what makes up the island’s population, Aldabra Giant tortoises – there’s approximately 120 of them!

These tortoises love people and are full of personality. They love a good neck tickle and will actually “run” toward you, if they think they’ll get one!

Golf like champions

If you’re a lover of golf, a holiday to the Seychelles will have you racing to the Constance Lemuria Resort to try out the only 18-hole layout in all of the Seychelles. There’s a lot of wow associated with this course. Winding its way along the Praslin coastline, whilst working to stay on par, you can enjoy spectacular views of the ocean and tropical woodland – what a treat!

The Seychelles Pro-am is held at this resort every year, many say this course is the pinnacle of perfection for golfers with greenery like no other, from elevated tees to insane water hazards and wide fairways, it offers a challenge for those of all abilities.

If you’re not already blown away, you will be by the time you reach the 15th hole. The tees are perched high up on a rocky ridge providing even more unbelievable views! Golfers sometimes wonder where the green actually is, which happens to be an incredible 54 yard drop down to the valley!


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