Mahe Island holidays 2024/2025

Holidays to Mahe Island put you in the heart of what can only be described as paradise. Insta-worthy from every angle, these islands are famous for their powder soft beaches and mountainous jungle backdrop. Seychelles holidays are all about relaxation, whether that’s chilling out by the sea, squishing your toes in the sugar-white sands, hiking through dense forests in national parks or picking up some local goodies at the market. If you like to mix your beach holiday with a touch of exploration and a pinch of adventure, go on holiday to Mahe Island!

Mahe Island Holiday Deals

Weather of dreams

All of the Seychelles islands are blessed with beautiful weather year-round. The Seychelles benefit from a tropical climate and although they may not permanently reside within the summer season, even at times where there is traditionally more rain, Mahe Island remains warm and any showers never last too long. – Plus, rain in the Seychelles is an experience in itself to witness!

No matter when you choose to go on holiday to Mahe Island, the temperature never moves much past 30°C! It’s not too hot but hot enough and perfect for those who love to bask in the sunshine. The mere thought of constant blue skies is enough to have us packing our bags and heading to the airport, and on a holiday to Mahe Island, the hot weather really does amplify your entire experience! Enjoy weeks of endless sunshine exploring many of its stunning untouched beaches – even the sea water is warm, yet wonderfully refreshing.

Love grows beautiful things

A conservation project that has been in operation since 2017 enables all you romantics to support the Petite Anse Reef Restoration Project. Especially popular with honeymooners, as a couple, you can mark your special union and Seychelles holiday by spreading your love to its oceans. Select your own piece of rescued coral, then attach it to a heart shaped metal support and place it in an underwater coral nursery where it will stay and grow until it is strong enough to be transplanted back onto the reef!

During the experience WiseOceans marine educators will help you discover the marine life of Petite Anse and explain their hopes of restoring over 10,000 square meters of reef so that the marine life around Mahe Island can continue to thrive! – Not everyone can say they’ve contributed to life under those crystal blue waters, and it’s always nice to be able to support the communities in which you are visiting.

A city among beaches

A holiday to Mahe Island wouldn’t be complete without taking a day away from the beach to explore the island’s capital, Victoria. One of the world’s smallest capital cities, it’s wonderfully charming, boasting a mix of stunning old colonial architecture among modern structures. Victoria is a vibrant place, rich in colour and always lively – Sir Selwyn-Clarke Market being one of the liveliest areas! This market is one the best ways to experience the daily Seychellois life. Bustling at all hours and housing almost everything you can think of, you can spend hours strolling through local art displays, bold clothing stalls, and a variety of souvenirs.

Once you’re shopped out, you can also visit the Seychelles National Botanical Garden which is just on the outskirts of Victoria. These luscious gardens are a place of undeniable beauty and one of the Seychelles’ oldest monuments, which is also home to the famed Coco de Mar palm trees!

From the skies to the sand

There are not many other worldly sights quite like the sweeping views across Mahe’s western seaboard. Seychelles holidays invite you to ascend into the heart of the forests, through the mist, elevating to some of the most beautiful lookout points of the island.

Hiking trails in the Seychelles are a hugely popular activity and each can be more beautiful than the last. They vary in altitude and so can suit many abilities, however the Monc Blanc trail on Mahe Island provides panoramic views like no other! From a vast and vibrant jungle to a platform perched atop a sheer cliff, look up to see many of the Seychelles endemic birds swirling above and then out to the most amazing horizon!

After an endorphin releasing hike, perching yourself on the soft sands of one of the world’s most famous beaches sounds like a pretty good idea. Anse Intendance is surrounded by lush green foliage and huge boulders to the side. – It really is as picturesque as a postcard! There’s no reef so you may need to be careful among the waves here. However, the half mile of powder white fluffiness under your toes ensures an enjoyable day in paradise.


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