Quinta Jardins Do Lago

The opulent Quinta Jardins Do Lago is an 18th-century mansion that’s been converted into one of Madeira’s most exclusive hotels.

The gardens here are home to more than 500 species of plant, as well as a croquet lawn and big pool. It comes with an open-air bistro where you can order hot and cold dishes. In the centre of the pool, there’s a plant-filled island.

In the breakfast room, you can tuck into buffet breakfasts on a veranda that allows for al fresco dining. The main restaurant serves Madeiran specialities and international flavours in a grand setting that guests love. And after dinner, the bar is a top spot for cocktails.

Overview of Funchal

On a map, Madeira may look like a little pinprick in the Atlantic Ocean. But, this tiny island has a lot of heart and a story to tell. On a holiday to Madeira, not only will you get year-round warm weather, but you’ll also find a landscape that’s paved with greenery. Home to waterfalls, peaks, caves and a diverse range of flora and fauna, it’s a place where holidaymakers lace up their walking boots, get out and explore.

In Madeira, you’ll need your camera to capture the very best of the breathtaking natural landscapes. With massive mountains to scale, valleys to hike through and forests to explore, there’s never a dull day when you stay at the Quinta Jardins Do Lago.

Things to do in Madeira

You’ll find the Quinta Jardins Do Lago on the outskirts of Funchal. Madeira’s capital city, Funchal is a lively and picturesque place that includes a top bar and dining scene, a marina and a pebbled beach. Colonial architecture is everywhere you look here, so expect to be charmed on every street.

Crafts and fashion boutiques merge in Funchal to create a shopping destination that suits every budget. Sporting goods are everywhere you look, too. Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was born here and there’s even a museum that stands in his honour.

For the best views on the island, you can even take a cable car up to Monte. Here, you’ll be greeted by a stunning vista that looks like it belongs in a Hollywood film.

Packed with sunshine and adventure, after a stay here, Madeira will capture a place in your heart.

Resort Summary

Funchal was a core part of the early settlement of Madeira in the 1400s, when brave expeditions from Europe first began pressing ever further west from the continent to see what else lay in the world beyond. As a result, colonial architecture makes up much of the original elements of Funchal even today, although there’s plenty of modern flavour as well.