Quinta Splendida

The Quinta Splendida is set in vast botanical gardens and has an oasis-like feel.

Everything here is geared towards relaxation. It’s home to one of the biggest spas in Madeira, a putting green and sea-view pool.

The pool is one of the hotel’s main attractions. It faces the Atlantic Ocean and is edged by well-kept lawns and a terrace for sunbathing. There’s also a bar nearby that serves shakes, smoothies and salads.

For main meals, there’s a trio of a la carte restaurants, and many of the vegetables and herbs on the menu are grown in the hotel’s garden.

Overview of Canico De Baixo

Life is lived outdoors in Madeira. The views from the coast are stunning, but the interior landscapes are just as impressive. When you leave the Quinta Splendida to explore, expect to hike down sloping valleys and up steep peaks. In the process, you’ll encounter beautiful waterfalls, secretive caves and spectacular flora and fauna.

During your holiday to Madeira, you can even take a group tour that will take you to all the island’s best bits without the need for long walks. As night falls, make sure you treat yourself to a glass of Madeira fortified wine, the local speciality.

Things to do in Madeira

The Quinta Splendida is in the centre of Canico and seven kilometres from the centre of Funchal. Canico is a favourite of water babies! After a lesson at the diving school you can explore a World War Two shipwreck, take a trip to the underwater caves or come face to face with local marine life.

It’s also a great base for exploring Madeira. You can hike along the walking trails and navigate the rugged hills. To reconnect with nature, head to the natural park. Madeira is an outdoor paradise that’s a haven for explorers. Make sure you pack your walking boots so you can make the most of the surrounding landscapes in this beautiful part of the world.

Resort Summary

Canico de Baixo, also just known as Canico, is a melding together of the old village of Canico, and its newer neighbour, Baixo that mainly comprises of All Inclusive Madeiran hotels and holiday complexes. Access to the sea is via a hilly walk, but there’s a cable car to ease the journey during the peak summer months. As you make the descent, you’re in for a visual treat, and sitting on the pebbly beach gazing out to sea is just as stunning.