Canico De Baixo Holidays 2024/2025

Impressive scenery is a given during holidays to Madeira, and the south eastern region of Canico de Baixo is set within some of the most beautiful landscapes on the island. It’s a relaxing destination, mainly based around the water, with spas, lidos and watersports opportunities.

Canico De Baixo Holiday Deals

Canico de Baixo – where old meets new

Canico de Baixo, also just known as Canico, is a melding together of the old village of Canico, and its newer neighbour, Baixo that mainly comprises of All Inclusive Madeiran hotels and holiday complexes. Access to the sea is via a hilly walk, but there’s a cable car to ease the journey during the peak summer months. As you make the descent, you’re in for a visual treat, and sitting on the pebbly beach gazing out to sea is just as stunning.

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  • Sports thrive here

    If you love watersports, then spend a day with Manta Diving school, situated on the curiously named, Rua Robert Baden-Powell, after the founder of the Scouts. Thankfully you don’t have to be a boy scout to join in the fun, just have a passion for diving. Beginners are welcome here, and the club recently won a prestigious award for the excellence of its service.

    You’ll be able to explore an old World War II shipwreck, discover the charms of some of Madeira’s most exciting underwater caves, or relish some close encounters with astonishing marine life. The Mero Dive centre is another popular dive school that’s based in Canico de Baixo. There are also kayaking and snorkelling opportunities in this charming resort, a tour that offers SUP and surfing opportunities, plus boat tours.

    Any keen golfers will be able to unwind at the the Palheiro golf course, just a 15-minute drive away. This 18 hole golf course is set amid some magnificent scenery and claims to be ‘one of Europe’s most beautiful golf courses’. We certainly agree!

    Foodies have fun in Canico de Baixo

    The old part of the town is the place to find some first class restaurants. Wander about the charming cobbled streets and you’ll soon be able to find a restaurant that suits your taste and wallet.

    A Vista d’Antonio has a superb reputation for the quality of its Madeiran cuisine. A bit of a paradox, the restaurant only serves five dishes, including delicious ribs, but has 74 brands of gin.

    You’ll be able to sample some divine seafood when dining in Canico de Baixo, including the extraordinary black scabbard fish as well as an amazing array of fresh salads, fruit and vegetables. They also brew beer here, so try to grab a glass of this wonderful foaming beverage.

    Stunning landscape

    The hilly landscape around Canico de Baixo is simply crying out to be explored. Whether you hire a bike for individual pleasure, or go on an organised tour, this is one of the best ways to really enjoy the stunning local scenery. Off road is the name of the game, and you should be prepared for some fairly vigorous cycling. But when you reach the summit of any of the local hills and just stop and take in the view, you’ll be glad you made the effort.

    It’s easy to hire a 4×4 or take a 4×4 safari if you want to reduce the stress on your calf muscles. Just a mile’s drive away from Canico de Baixo is the overwhelmingly majestic statue of Christ the king at Garajau, standing at a stunning 15 metres high. If you venture here, you can look out across the island and sea.

    Luxury at Canico de Baixo

    Of course, the main reason why people choose package holidays to Madeira is to relax and unwind. Canico de Baixo has plenty of luxury venues where you can be truly pampered. The Quinta Splendida is one such resort where you can revive your senses in the spa and then relish the lush splendours of the resort’s botanical gardens.


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