A guide to the best restaurants in Canico de Baixo

With its fertile soil, fantastic climate, and coastal position it’s no surprise that the cuisine in Canico de Baixo is a little bit special. There are some luxurious upscale restaurants as well as wonderfully relaxed family run establishments, so you could spend your whole holiday trying out a different menu every night. If we whet your appetite, be sure to check out our great range of cheap holidays to Madeira.

BBQ delights at Vista D'Antonio

Often described as ‘Madeira’s hidden gem’, Vista D’Antonio is the place to go if you’re looking for a first rate barbecue, and the ‘picanha’ sirloin steak is also fantastic. Other barbecue dishes include superb local sausages and ribs marinaded in local spices, cooked on an authentic wood-fired grill.

Return visits are popular at Central Restaurant

This restaurant has an impressive array of meat dishes on its menu, from chatreaubriand to skewered chicken and a whole range of steak dishes. Wonderfully rustic inside, the food is authentic so Central Restaurant is as popular with locals as it is with people enjoying holidays to Madeira.

Pasta pleasures at Pizzeria la Carbonara

Both vegetarians and omnivores will be able to relish the fantastic range of pizzas and pasta dishes at Pizzeria la Carbonara. With reasonable prices and generous portions, this venue is always popular.

German delights at Klenk's Cafe

German dishes at Klenk’s include tasty stuffed cabbage and veal cutlets, plus they have a varied local menu. As for the puddings, expect sumptuous and delicious dishes like almond chocolate cream. You can wash down your meal with a welcome pint from a local brewery.

Beer as well as snacks at The Village Pub

With its delicious hamburgers, steak sandwiches and beer – as well as a good selection of wines – The Village Pub is always popular. There are also darts matches available if you fancy attempting a bullseye.

Varied menu at La Terraca

From chilli to cheesecake you know that you’re in for a treat when you set foot in La Terraca. The seafood menu is extensive, with tuna steak a speciality, and you can enjoy your meal sitting on the eponymous terrace, just watching the world go by.

Russian soul at Snack Bar Mare

As well as the eastern European specialities on the menu, this Russian, family-run restaurant has plenty of treats for any budding gourmand. You can start your meal with a fantastic borscht, move on to a seafood course, and then sample the creamy, fruity gorgeousness of the puddings. With views overlooking the sea, this restaurant is worth tracking down.

Swordfish and sangria at Nova Onda

Seafood is something of a speciality at Nova Onda, and given that this wonderful eatery is overlooking the coast, you can enjoy fish delights in a fantastic setting. This family-run restaurant is always popular with the locals. There’s little wonder as the modest prices and extensive menu, including swordfish, seafood stew and delicious cocktails, provide Nova Onda with all the ingredients for a wonderful meal.

Delicious desserts at Lee Hamilton's Steakhouse

As you’d expect, steaks are one of the main reasons behind this restaurant’s enduring popularity. Then there are the desserts – stylishly presented chocolate cake decorated with a caramel tuille is just one of the many reasons you’re in for a real treat when dining at Lee Hamilton’s.

International flavours at Restaurante Atlantis

Take the lift down to the sea and at level four you’ll soon find restaurant Atlantis. This wonderful venue serves delicious seafood, with parrotfish and other extraordinary dishes on offer. Try the blueberry pudding while you’re there – you won’t be disappointed.