A couples guide to Montenegro

Montenegro might be one of Europe’s tiniest countries, but it still packs a punch in terms of holiday potential. Over the years it’s become a sought-out destination for its gorgeous beaches, rugged mountain terrain and historic architecture. With all this and more it makes one heck of a getaway for couples – busy but laid-back, casual but luxurious, virtually ticking every box a couple’s holiday could have.

If you’re hitting the road as a duo, here’s our guide to Montenegro.

Montenegro Couples Holidays

Best resorts for couples


The hotspot of the Budva Riviera, Budva is the darling of Montenegro tourism. It’s been nicknamed the ‘Montenegrin Miami’ for its bars and clubs, but its gorgeous coastal-facing old town Stari Grad – paved with cobblestones and charming red roofed-buildings – makes it so much more.

Sveti Stefan

Okay, so Sveti Stefan is technically a 5* hotel resort, but this pinprick of an islet is so iconic we felt it worth mentioning. Formerly a sea-surrounded fort, it’s connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus and is dotted with more red roofed buildings. The area has been known as a playground for the rich and famous for decades.


Regarded as a quieter counterpart to nearby Budva, Petrovac has been a tourist resort since the 16th century. The main attraction here is undoubtedly the 600-metre-long beach, which forms a horseshoe shaped bay. That said, the Castello – a Venetian fortress turned nightclub – will certainly vie for your attention too.


Stashed away between the steep slopes of the Gulf of Kotor, Kotor and its beautiful old town are a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. The resort appears to have been frozen in time, with medieval architecture and cobblestone lanes covering every surface. Evenings here are anything but passe though, with plenty of bars, clubs and live music venues to explore.

For sporty couples

Outdoorsy couples will find nirvana in Montenegro. This little country is still incredibly rugged in places, despite having been inhabited for centuries. There are a total of four national parks here, whose landscapes range from mountainous to coastal and paved with wetlands.

The Durmitor National Park sits in a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to Tara Canyon, the deepest gorge in Europe. Durmitor is where you can go white water rafting, canyoning, biking and even skiing. Meanwhile, Montenegro’s green-lined Lake Skadar is the largest in southern Europe, and makes for incredible kayaking and bird-watching, as it’s home to around 270 bird species.

For luxury-loving couples

Montenegro offers some of the most picturesque beaches in all of Europe. With this in mind, it’s a luxury destination that makes great use of its stunning landscape. Luxury resorts here typically sidle right up along the coastline so you’re treated to VIP views around the clock, plus a great selection of spa treatments and pools.

Becici is a small resort town known for its style. It can be found just outside of Budva and boasts one of the best beaches in the country. Much of the shores are privately owned by the nearby mega star hotels and open only to hotel guests, which have been known to include the rich and famous.

For laid-back couples

Montenegro may be the jewel in the Balkans’ holiday crown, but it’s a laid-back holiday destination at heart. Take a romantic break here and you won’t be expected to do more than luxuriate on the beach and sip coffee from a medieval square as church bells chime in the background.

One particular thrill of taking it slow in the streets of Montenegro is the country’s cuisine. A blend of Mediterranean and Oriental flavours, the cuisine here depends largely on what part of Montenegro you visit, though it’s always delicious. On top of this, there are museums, castles and fortresses, and age-old churches to keep your days in Montenegro full but effortlessly laid-back.