A guide to things to do in St Julian's

Tucked away just north of SliemaSt Julian’s boasts all of the cosmopolitan flair of the city but with the laid-back lifestyle of small-town Malta. St Julian’s has become a hotbed of fun and delights for the young and the young at heart. Here are just a few of the vibrant activities that are certain to give visitors a holiday to Malta to remember.

Board your boat to Gozo

Gozo is the sister island to mainland Malta and is located so close to St Julian’s that it’s well worth taking a visit. Either hop on a boat tour of the sea surrounding the island, or hitch a ride to the land itself where new adventures in the form of biking tours and 4×4 excursions await. Of course, the medieval citadel and its remarkable cathedral are also well worth exploring while you’re there.

Dive to the deep

If you’d rather experience the gorgeous water from beneath on your Malta holidays, St Julian’s has a hugely active divers’ community. Many instructors here specialise in not only encouraging experienced snorkellers to discover the tales from below, but also helping newbies find their feet. Once you’re confident in the water, expect a realm of reefs, coral caves and forgotten shipwrecks to await you, together with more than a few new fishy friends.

Savour the tiered seafront

They say that the seafront of St Julian’s is layered like a cake, yet the only flavour you’ll be taking in with your senses is pure, sweet eye-candy. Down by the sea are the rocky outcrops that form the foundations of this Maltese masterpiece, where sunbathers gather on sun-kissed plateaus surrounded by the sound of the waves. Further up are the parks and children’s play areas, while at the pinnacle of it all is the scenic promenade.

Make sure you head to Spinola Bay just south of the marina – one of the three bays that make up the wider St Julian’s area. On some days you’ll see the fishermen and their boats, which are heaved up onto a concrete slope to be repainted and maintained.

Dine out in style

All of this fun and exploration is going to do plenty in working up your appetite – and it’s through its restaurants that St Julian’s shines. The flavours of Italy are supremely popular across the city, yet traditional Maltese dishes, which are beautifully Mediterranean, are also readily savoured.

Chic Far Eastern meals are eaten with colour and pizazz at ZEST, while those of you looking for some tried and true pub grub can have your fill at the City of London public house. St Julian’s showcases the best that Malta can offer, so rest assured that nobody’s getting a rumbling tummy for long here.

Start your party at Paceville

Although you might think of pacing as slowly strolling, St Julian’s nightlife district of Paceville actually keeps things fast-paced and vibrant. It’s pretty much the Maltese nightclub capital, with a host of bars flanking the streets and restaurants and coffee houses for you to get your bearings in during the daytime. In fact, Paceville has already earned a reputation that ranks it among Ibiza as one of Europe’s true nightlife capitals.

After dark, the whole district blazes into hot neon activity, with cocktails and dancefloors ready to give you the time of your life. What’s just as great is that, once the fun is over, you can tactically retreat back to the stylish serenity of St Julian’s.