A guide to food and drink in St Julian's

In St Julian’s, they know how to whet your appetite. Tucked in a northern natural harbour in Malta, this town’s restaurants blend the chic with the easy-going lifestyle that the Maltese do so well. Like many Mediterranean places, the Maltese are passionate about food, and St Julian’s has restaurants of every kind imaginable to sate your hunger while you enjoy your Malta holidays.

Exploring Malta's delicacies

Although the best dishes from around the world can be found in St Julian’s, you’re going to find plenty of representation of the Maltese classics. If you’ve never tried the traditional dishes of Malta before, we can’t recommend them enough – they take cues from neighbours, Italy, the Balkans and North Africa.

The cuisine that you’ll enjoy in St Julian’s evolves across the seasons, so there’s some rustic flair to food here. Bread and oil with dips, known as hobz biz-zejt, makes for a light lunch, while lampuki pie is the fisherman’s supper of old. Steaks, stews and salads round off the selection, plus don’t pass up a chance to try Maltese wines.

Savour steak, shrimps and stew at Wigi's Kitchen

Few places in St Julian’s come more highly recommended by the locals than Wigi’s Kitchen, where sophisticated steaks and succulent seafood compete for a place on your plate.

The soup menu alone has garnered a following that other venues can only dream of, and the steaks are prepared to your specifications by chefs who know how to make the magic happen. You’ll find that Wigi’s Kitchen is busy at every hour, yet the staff always have time to welcome you in. Whatever you do, don’t skip dessert. Trust us on this.

Enjoy the pizza and quiet of I Monelli

There’s nothing quite like Italian cuisine and you’ll see it done right at I Monelli. Here, stonebaked pizzas, thin and crispy, are met by traditional pasta dishes, a truly enticing carbonara and a range of soft, light and fluffy cakes. The ambient lighting and sleek, modern style speak of Italian chic almost as much as the streets of Florence themselves, while the wine list will give you the perfect complement to a truly satisfying meal.

Get tongue-Thai'd at Blue Elephant

Styled like a secret garden tucked away in deepest Thailand, Blue Elephant specialises in green curry with flaky coconut accompaniments, a roster of rice dishes, and soups from the spicy to the sublime. The restaurant overlooks the marina as well, offering splendid views of the water and making it pretty clear why bookings for tables around sunset are so very popular.

Get the hangul of Korean treats at Club Sushi: From Tokyo to Seoul

Combining sushi from Japan and kimchi from South Korea as a baseline, Club Sushi has gained quite a following among foodies across the island. Whether you’re lunching on a bento box, testing your chopstick prowess on ramen noodles or sipping sake over an evening with your friends, you can rest assured of striking Japanese flavours and that famously flaming Korean spice.

Eat the best of British at Shoreditch Bar & Kitchen

Sometimes, wherever you are in the world, you need to start your day with a fry-up, see lunch through over a builder’s sarnie or end your escapades with steak and mash. Shoreditch Bar & Kitchen hears your stomach’s call, kicking off your day with eggs, bacon or pancakes, then following up with burgers, chips and dips that’ll keep everyone full and happy. When feeling particularly indulgent, it’s deep fried chocolate bars all round. Cheap Malta holidays wouldn’t be right without a little home-style indulgence, and this is the place to get it.