A guide to things to do in Sliema

During your stay in Sliema you’ll have the opportunity to engage in all manner of adventures, as well as take plenty of well-earned reprieves in a sunny realm where relaxation reigns supreme. The city offers visitors the benefit of enjoying a characterful and friendly community while visiting on sun-soaked package holidays to Malta. It’s both a hub of tourism and a city that the Maltese love dearly – and you’ll quickly join them in doing so.

Spend the day by the coast

This might seem a no-brainer, but it’s not just your standard beach experience here in Sliema. The town occupies a distinctive position on the island that gives it a long and enticing shoreline, blending stretches of sand with dramatic rocky outcrops and cute little plateaus that are perfect to picnic on.

The city also has an active marina, where Seaside cafes and shiny white bobbing boats make for a tranquil day by the shore. The coastal promenade is well-loved among strolling couples at sunset, while the area is also brimming with families looking to take in the sights and sunshine of this splendid location.

Go shopping at The Point, but learn some history too

Sliema’s good looks are thanks to some smart redevelopment projects from yesteryear. The Point, known today as the shopping mall and retail therapy epicentre of the city, is a fantastic example of that.

Before its modern status as a shopping centre, both The Point and the surrounding Tigne district were the remnants of a British military compound. The area was decommissioned long ago to become the plush flats, shops and cafes we all enjoy today. Sliema is rich with secrets like these, although with so many big names at The Point, we won’t blame you for losing sight of that amid a swathe of shopping bags.

Marvel at the architecture

You might think that big, domed rooftops in rich russet reds are the mainstay of the likes of Barcelona or Florence, but think again. Malta’s position in the Mediterranean has given its buildings plenty of character. Although Sliema is a modern city by all accounts, and high-rises dominate the skyline, you’re still going to find plenty of examples of that classic bygone style here.

A fantastic example of that can be found in Sacro Cuor Church in the historic district of Sliema, with its weathered walls and glorious red-domed roof. Visit here to step back in time and discover the tales of Malta’s past.

Head out onto the water

The eastern coast of Malta bulges smoothly towards the south, but up near the north the shoreline zig-zags up the map in a series of harbours. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the opportunity to make waves out in the briny blue, with the coast of Sliema connecting to some of the most tranquil waters this side of the Caribbean.

How you choose to enjoy that on your Malta holidays is your call. For many, it’s a great chance to refresh with some watersports, from a jet-ski cruise around the bay to a diving expedition under the surface. If you’ve seen the sights of Sliema but still have the city-trip itch to scratch, a ferry across the harbour to the capital of Valletta to the south is both cheap and scenic.

If you’re truly both master and commander, you can rent a boat of your own for yourself and the family. Cruise out for a day at sea and create your own adventures before heading back at sunset to take advantage of the hospitality of Sliema’s nightlife scene.