A guide to food and drink in Sliema

It’s likely that you’re considering a visit to Sliema on your Malta holidays because you want to experience the pulse and vibrancy of the biggest city on the island. The cosmopolitan appeal of the city means that there are meals to be had from every corner of the world, so you’ll find appetising choices whether you’re eager to try local specialities or familiar favourites.

Exploring Sliema's delicacies

If you get the chance to tuck into some authentic flavours on your holiday to Malta, you should definitely give it a go. The many culinary influences over the centuries have developed into some very interesting and tasty flavours to explore.

Try the rustic loaves and seafood pies which are a local mainstay for mealtimes, or sample some Bigilla, a pate of garlic and beans found in almost every corner shop and old-fashioned eatery. Another delicious option is Timpana, a dish of pasta, rich tomato sauce, mince, eggs and cheese encased in pastry. You may also like Kapunata which is a rich local blend of ratatouille that captures the Maltese difference superbly. Here are a few of our favourite places to try while you’re in town.

Taste rustic done right at Ta' Kris Restaurant

From the rabbit stew to the pasta bake, every dish prepared and served at Ta’ Kris Restaurant and Bistro is done so with consideration and care. In fact, the flavours that are evoked from this commitment to tradition make it feel as though you’re a treasured guest in a family home.

Your surroundings further reinforce that emotion, with warm lights, deep varnished woods and true Mediterranean style. Service is swift and personal, while the wine list proves once and for all that even the most savvy connoisseur owes it to themselves to partake of a Maltese tipple or two.

Enjoy eastern ambience at TemptAsian Restaurant & Lounge

The sleek interior of TemptAsian is impressive, yet it does nothing to detract from the engrossing flavours of the meals you’ll enjoy here. Diners can choose from a menu that has selected the defining dishes of Far East Asia.

Jasmine rice, sushi, Peking duck and teppanyaki are among the treats that you’ll enjoy at this restaurant, while the venue is popular without sacrificing its sense of intimacy and personality. TemptAsian’s food and atmosphere combined make it a truly winning place to dine.

Sample seafood and more at Margaret Island

They serve a great variety of fish at Margaret Island, but don’t let the name fool you into thinking it’s merely salmon steaks and shrimp by the score.

With a look that blends the modern and the chic of yesteryear, Margaret Island offers Maltese dishes alongside a good blend of further European delights. Hungarian food comes particularly recommended here, as such, the Budapest steak offers a sublime twist on the classics.

Dine with a harbour view at The Terrace Restaurant

Tucked close to the water, The Terrace Restaurant offers a fantastic selection of fish dishes to fit the ambience. Fresh seafood flavours are brought together with steak that is among the best on the island.

Although the interior is warm and inviting, most diners make a beeline for the terrace. Both under the sun and after nightfall, you can enjoy your meal by the sea as you watch boats waft on the waves and listen to the distant bustle of the city dancing amid the sea breezes.

Try the pizza at Cafe Cuba

Although you’d be right in expecting this sensational venue to have the best Latin American cuisine this side of Havana, there’s also a hearty mix of other favourites to choose from.

For those hankering for something more familiar, there are handmade pizzas, gourmet burgers and generously portioned pasta aplenty. Colourful and sunny, this venue is also well-known for its breakfast options. Expect to find bagels packed with the good stuff a particularly tasty way to start your day.