Wildlife in Lapland

With Lapland’s frosty conditions, it’s difficult to fathom just what animal species could survive here. And yet, nature somehow manages to carry on. Lapland is actually home to a number of cold-loving animals, including Arctic foxes, rare lynxes and of course, whole herds of reindeer.

If you’re interested in getting in touch with Lapland’s snow-happy wildlife, here are some animals you can look forward to seeing and the best ways to catch a glimpse.

Lapland wildlife


Reindeer are so abundant in Lapland, it’s said that there are as many reindeer as there are people. Lapland’s capital city Rovaniemi is even coincidentally mapped out like a reindeer. Odds are if you’re visiting Santa at his workshop, you’re bound to encounter a few of these furry creatures poking around, but there are also plenty of wild reindeer roaming these snowy parts.


The Eurasian Lynx can be found across northern, central and eastern Europe, and though they’re incredibly rare in Lapland, you still can spot them out in the wild. A medium-sized cat, they’re designated by their greyish coats speckled with black and pointy ears made taller by long black hairs.

Great grey owl

Though one of its nicknames is the Lapland owl, great grey owls are not as common in this part of the world as the name suggests. They are here though, and while their brown and white speckled coats might make them difficult to spot, the feat is made all the more easy by the great grey owl’s size. It’s documented as being the world’s largest owl species, and can range anywhere from 61 to 84 centimetres in length.

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