Snowsports in Lapland

There are few places more fitting than Lapland to indulge in some time on the piste or to blaze your trail down the slopes. Snowsports are a massively popular pastime here, and whether you’re a savvy snowboarder or a first timer to skiing, a wealth of choices are open to you.

Before you book your holiday to this spectacular part of the world, take some time to familiarise yourself with what’s available, and plan the adventures that best suit you.

Strap on some skis

Imagine whooshing down a steep incline or weaving through a pretty, snow-swept forest – skiing is as much a source of adrenaline as it is a way to soak in the sights.

In Lapland, skiing is woven into the heart and soul of the people, and you’re going to discover that it’s a simple task getting stuck in, no matter what your experience level.

Ski slopes across Lapland are categorised in an easily remembered colour-coded system. Blue runs are the easiest, welcoming beginners, while Red runs are a step up in terms of challenge and skills. Black runs are for experienced skiiers, although luckily, even in Lapland these courses and resorts aren’t as demanding as those found in places like The Alps, so expect softer slopes and finer scenery.

Skiing clubs and resorts are located across Lapland, from Rovaniemi to Yllas, which is the longest skiing slope in the region, at three kilometres in length. Salla and Ruka are also popular skiing resorts where both experts and beginners test their mettle.

All a-board

Master nature on a snowmobile

There’ll be no stopping you once you straddle a mighty snowmobile and head out into the hinterlands. Tours of this kind can be found in plenty of places, with routes that factor in the major sights of the area, and adjustable amounts of time that can be spent out in the wilderness, between two and six hours. The machines are easy to control, and your guides have plenty of insight into local places of interest.

Go where the wind takes you with a snow-kite

Although you stand on a board similar to a snowboard when you go snow-kiting, you’re pulled by the breath of the wind on a big kite in a way that’s similar to parasailing, although you’ll be staying on the ground here. It’s definitely a snowsport that’s growing in popularity in Lapland and beyond, and the soft curves of the landscape make it a good way to see the countryside.

Conquer the circuit in your ice kart

Many of us have had our own fair share of thrills and spills in go-karts, yet in the northern snowy realm of Lapland, it’s ice karting that’s taking the crown as the primary way to race. Essentially, it’s where go-karts are outfitted either with sled-like skids or tyres studded to help traction on the ice. Even then, it’s a way to drive that takes a fair amount of skill to truly master.

Ice karting is massively popular in Lapland, particularly in Saariselka and Rukatunturi, although racetracks are popping up across the region as the new snowsport gains traction.

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