A guide to the best beaches in Tuscany

Although most people visit Tuscany for its golden hills and incredible cities, its coast is an example of Italian beach life at its finest. From the mainland shores to the island of Elba, expect this region’s beaches to dazzle and surprise. With many shores backed by Blue Flag status, find out why beach holidays in Tuscany are among the best in Italy and start planning for your next adventure.

Punta Ala, Grosseto

Punta Ala is easily accessible and readily regarded as one of the cleanest and most inviting beaches in the Mediterranean. The infinite blue skies above this popular couples’ retreat give a brilliant view of the surrounding hills and forests, with thin trees leaning towards the shore without encroaching on the beach.

Sunsets are especially enticing in this area, adding orange illumination to your surroundings as you immerse yourself in the tranquility of this astonishing location.

Talamone Beach, Talamone

This coastal town is well known for its magnificent castle and traditional architecture, but its beach is also a great place for those of you looking to catch some sun.

It’s particularly popular with watersports fans, with waterskiing and windsurfing proving to be favourite pastimes for the townspeople as much as the tourists. Boat rentals from here enable you to take in the sights, but you’ll have to tear yourself away from that sublime sand first, which is no easy task when it’s just so inviting.

If the lure of this region’s beaches is enough to tempt you, take a look at our package holidays to Tuscany and start planning your next adventure today.

Follonica, Grosseto

Sand curves in sweet crescents around the warm blue sea at Talamone, which celebrates Tuscany’s magnificent natural beauty. You can expect a great deal of sunshine here in this secluded and sublime territory, so stretch out your towel and soak up some well-earned rays.

Forte dei Marmi, Lucca Province

Nightlife, fine restaurants and sleek beaches define Forte dei Marmi, a seaside hotspot north of Pisa and northwest of the city of Lucca. Some visitors choose to cruise in boats along the shallows or head out into the briny blue, but for most of us the prospect of cool drinks under the hot sun is just too enticing to ignore. A good selection of shops selling sundries and bars bringing beverages makes Forte dei Marmi beach a very pleasant place to be.

La Giannella, Orbetello

The entire Orbetello bay area is a conservation area, which not only means it’s got plenty of cheerful wildlife to meet and greet, but also that the beaches are great for families. That’s particularly true of La Gianella Beach, which complements its sandcastle-friendly shore with a host of options to boat out to the sea or ask the experts about the animals.

Baratti, Livorno

Snugly tucked into a beautiful bay, Baratti Beach is yet another example of Tuscany’s innate natural charm. The sand here is embraced by pine forests that reach out every so often to almost sea level, while the rock pools along the shore provide a great way to get the little ones used to the water and spot mini sea creatures.

La Paolina, Elba

When you absolutely have to get away from it all in the most stunning surroundings that Elba can provide, La Paolina is a stretch of shoreline that is sure to speak to your soul. It’s accessible via a short nature trail or, for the more adventurous, a kayak ride from nearby shores.

Said to be named after Napoleon’s sister, La Paolina, on the sunny Tuscan island of Elba, is a beach that mixes golden sand with pale, smooth pebbles. The shallow water that laps at the shore sparkles in the daylight and shimmers after nightfall, while the whole beach is beautifully secluded.

Package holidays to Tuscany

If the lure of this region’s beaches is enough to tempt you, take a look at our package holidays to Tuscany and start planning your next adventure today.