Astro Suite Hotel

The Astro Suites is right on the seafront and you’re just a short walk away from Cefalu’s charming old town.

The hotel’s home to a small, oval-shaped pool. For drinks and snacks, there’s also a bar just a few steps away. The whole area’s edged by a smart little sun terrace where you can make the most of the weather.

Next to the lobby, there’s an airy restaurant that serves buffet breakfasts. If you like, you can eat outside under the shade of the olive trees.

Overview of Cefalu

When you stay in Cefalu, you’ll experience a slice of authentic Sicily. Cefalu has Greek origins, but is now distinctly Italian and nowhere is this clearer than the cuisine – expect hearty portions of pizza, pasta and traditional Sicilian dishes.

Cefalu sits on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea and is one of the biggest draws in northern Sicily. When you choose Cefalu for your holiday to Sicily, you’ll uncover an excellent blend of historic attractions, beautiful restaurants and world-class beaches. Due to Cefalu’s compact size, everything’s within walking distance of the Astro Suite Hotel.

Things to do in Cefalu

Guests love the location of the Astro Suite Hotel. It’s right on the seafront overlooking one of Cefalu’s best beaches. Plus, the bars and pizzerias in the old town are less than five minutes’ walk away.

The old town is a great spot for history buffs, too. As you wander the streets, you’ll come across ancient ruins, a medieval wash house and a Norman cathedral. In between your trips to the sights, stop in one of the many restaurants for some homemade Sicilian food.

When you’d rather relax, head to Lungomare Beach, which stretches out for more than five kilometres. You can also rent a boat, a kayak or snorkelling equipment.

With so much to see and explore, Cefalu has all the makings of a classic island getaway!

Resort Summary

Cefalu might have Greek origins, but this little town is distinctly Italian. Found on the northern coast of Sicily beside an unusually stocky mountain and the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Cefalu is one of the biggest draws on this side of the island.

Scattered around town are ancient ruins, a Norman cathedral and a medieval wash house. You’ll also find plenty of shopping opportunities and amazing homemade Sicilian food – and that’s only the beginning of this Mediterranean haven.