Palau Holidays 2024/2025

The north-east region of Sardinia is something of a gem in terms of amazing holiday potential. Nestled amid the spectacular Costa Smeralda area is the beautiful Palau. A modestly-sized yet picturesque and welcoming beach resort, Palau is demonstrative of why holidays to Sardinia continue to tempt travellers from all over the world. Whether you think of this destination as Palau Italy or Palau Sardinia, you’ll be immersed in amazing Mediterranean experiences as soon as you arrive. Whether you want to stay local or explore a little further afield, there’ll be plenty to keep you entertained and happy.

Palau Holiday Deals

Scale new heights

Lazy days and relaxing activities are dream holidays for most, but some people like to stay active. If that sounds like you, a hike to Bear’s Rock could be the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Standing at 120 metres above Palau Sardinia, the rock itself is a sight to behold, shaped, as you might have guessed, like a bear. Make sure you have suitable and comfortable footwear on, as the hike will include numerous steps. It’s worth the effort in order to take pictures of the spectacular views over the region.

Take a breather on the beach

There’s a lot to see and do in Palau Italy, but no holiday is complete without at least one lazy beach day. You’ll be spoilt for choice as to which stretch of gorgeous golden sand you want to throw your towel onto. The Costa Smeralda area is brimming with countless clean and inviting beaches, but La Sciumara beach is a favourite for people enjoying holidays in Palau. Perfect for families, it boasts clear, shallow water, boat hires and a bar for refreshments.

Tempt your taste buds

A huge part of any Palau holiday is the food that’s on offer. Sardinia, being in close proximity to Italy and Corsica, is heavily influenced by the local cuisines found there. Mediterranean fare comes as standard, with a glut of fresh produce, sumptuous seafood and handmade pasta to enjoy. Few restaurants represent this diverse menu better than La Gritta. Ideal for a romantic evening out, La Gritta is perfectly positioned to offer uninterrupted sunset views over the water, while you bask in the second-to-none hospitality and mouth-watering menu.

Mingle at a market

When it comes to shopping, a Palau holiday will not disappoint. Not only are the streets full of pretty little shops, selling all manner of things from surfing-related clothing to locally made trinkets, but there is also a comprehensive market every Friday night. Foodies will be hard-pressed to walk away from the amazing selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and breads, but it’s the cheese wheels that will stop you in your tracks. Fashion fanatics will be racing to the clothing stalls to snap up pretty textiles and shoes that can’t be found back at home.

Try a new sport

There are plenty of chilled, relaxing beaches close to Palau, but when the urge to master a new activity creeps up on you, there’s no better place to be than the Porto Pollo Beach, just a few minutes along the coast from Palau. Perfect for trying a range of water sports, including windsurfing, sailing, diving and kitesurfing. The waters are less shallow here, but still clear and ideal for taking part in some lessons. The sand is wonderfully soft as well, so you can catch some rays on the shore after chasing the waves.

Hop on a ferry

Holidays in Palau are exciting in their own right, but a little diversity and adventure never hurt anyone. A ferry trip to a nearby archipelago of seven islands is definitely worth looking into. La Maddalena is the biggest and most popular of the islands and can be reached in just 40 minutes, via a ferry that departs from Palau harbour. You’ll definitely want to make sure that you pack your bathing suit, as there are numerous quiet beaches to explore, as well as pretty little boutiques and welcoming cafés.

Giving both a rounded impression of life in Sardinia, as well as giving a nod to the Italian influences infiltrating everyday life, a holiday to Palau will be as magical and diverse as you want it to be. Whether you want to laze about on a beach and sample incredible food, or get a bit more involved and active, this fantastic little destination can cater to all needs.


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